iPhone 15: Titanium case the price driver? [Gerücht]

iPhone 15: Titanium case the price driver? [Gerücht]

from Andrew Link
It is becoming more and more likely that a titanium case will be used from the iPhone 15 Pro. It is said to be one of the components that continue to drive prices higher. USB Type-C has also been confirmed if the picture is real.

According to reports, the iPhone 15 will be significantly more expensive than the current generation and a potential leak shows one reason for this: It shows the USB Type-C connection, but also the frame that is assumed to be the case with the Pro titanium is. Titanium is a very robust and at the same time light material that has a natural gray and is relatively easy to care for. However, titanium is not exactly cheap – anyone who has ever speculated on an Apple Watch Ultra will know that.

That’s why only the iPhone 15 Pro should be equipped with titanium instead of stainless steel. The Pro model is already $1,300 with 128GB of storage, and it only goes up from there: $1,430 for 256GB, $1,690 for 512GB, and $1,950 for 1TB. Above that is the Max with prices from 1,450 to 2,100 euros. According to rumors, Apple wants to make the iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra stand out from the more simply equipped models and expand the range of exclusive functions. However, these upgrades are rumored to come at a price, and Apple may need to distinguish between the regular iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus and the top-end models by introducing a higher price gap. Even then, titanium was mentioned as the material for the case.

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Everything indicates that Apple wants to emphasize the premium claim for the large models even more clearly and for this also foregoes quantities in favor of exclusivity and the margin. If that is too expensive for you, you can use the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Mini.

Apple cannot avoid the USB Type-C connection, because the EU prescribes uniform connections for numerous devices in order to get rid of electronic waste, especially chargers. Apple had resisted for a long time and underlined the advantages of Lightning. By December 28, 2024, all manufacturers must switch to USB Type-C for newly released devices. Notebooks have a slightly longer grace period until December 28, 2026.