Marvel hits the brakes: This MCU blockbuster has been surprisingly postponed

The distinctive N of the Netflix logo.

With Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania the 31st film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe hit theaters this week. The new superhero blockbuster didn’t get the best reviews, but it should still be a box office hit. With the third part of Ant-Man, the Phase 5 of the MCU officially started. Two more movies are to follow this year, but one much later than originally planned. It seems as if Marvel wants to step on the brakes when it comes to new releases.

Marvel Cinematic Universe: 2023 Goes Galactic

On Thursday, May 4th, 2023, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy returns to the big screen for the final time. The conclusion of the trilogy also marks Filmmacher’s departure James Gunnwho will go on to direct a new Superman for DC.

Already in July should The Marvels the new adventure of Captain Marvel celebrate its premiere. But nothing will come of it now. The galactic adventure, which follows the Ms. Marvel series on Disney Plus, has been postponed to Thursday, September 7th.

Numerous Shifts: Is Marvel Hitting the Brakes?

Apparently, the top floor at Disney has now realized that less is often more. Three Marvel blockbusters within six months would certainly have been a bit too much of a good thing. And so one equalizes with the displacement of The Marvels the schedule clearly.

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