Marvel’s Midnight Suns is free this weekend, with Venom swinging in next week

Marvel's Midnight Suns is free this weekend, with Venom swinging in next week

Spidey’s occasional rival and everyone’s favorite symbiote Venom is swinging into Marvel’s Midnight Suns as DLC on February 23rd. Venom was a villain in the base game, but he’s now transitioning into a playable antihero for the fight against Mephisto. To celebrate, the deck building strategy game is free to try on Steam for the entire weekend.

The Redemption DLC pack adds Venom to the Midnight Suns’ roster, alongside 10 unique Hero abilities, fresh cosmetics, and new story missions. The recent trailer teases Eddie Brocks’ journey of remorse and revenge, looking past the base game’s villain Lilith, and preparing for the upcoming fight against the demon Mephisto. We get a good look at Venom in action, wreaking havoc with his sharp claws, swinging tongue, and detachable alien skin. The Redemption DLC is also adding a new Abbey upgrade called Whisper Web, which allows you to add modifiers for general missions.

Developer Firaxis revealed Venom as a DLC character last October, along with the badmouthed merc Deadpool who has already joined the fray. They’ll be followed by longtime X-Men leader Storm and the morbtacular vampire Morbius later this year. All four heroes are included in the Season Pass, and – after some controversy – they’ll be available for purchase in separate DLC packs.

In her review for the base game last December, Katharine reckoned Midnight Suns was the best Marvel game yet. She was just as impressed by its social elements as she was with its ambitious tactical chops, saying it “resists the bloat that so often comes with that ambition, keeping its brain and brawn feeling lean and inextricably linked at all times.”

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available for £50/$60/€60 on Steam other The Epic Game Store. Although the superheroic strategy game is deeply discounted on Steam, and is free to try (not keep) for the rest of the weekend.