MultiVersus has lost 99 percent of its players on Steam

MultiVersus has lost 99 percent of its players on Steam

MultiVersus has lost a whopping 99 percent of players on Steam since its debut.

At peak times, around 153,000 players played the free-to-play brawler on Steam. A month after the launch, Warner Bros Games announced that the title had been downloaded and played by more than 20 million players.

What happened here?

Since then, things have gone downhill significantly, as have figures from SteamDB show. For the first time, the maximum number of daily players has fallen below 1,000.

Why is it? One reason for this may be the reaction to the Season 2 content for the game, about which there have been repeated complaints.

While there were five new characters (Rick, Morty, Gizmo, Stripe and Black Adam) in two months in the first season, only one new character has been added since the start of Season 2 on November 15, 2022 with Marvin the Martian.

Season 3 was supposed to start this week, but developer Player First Games has now postponed this to March 31, 2023. This should give players more time to complete the Battle Pass for Season 2.

But this in turn caused criticism, because they had hoped for new characters with Season 3. The game’s monetization system has also been criticized. Many skins come with premium currency and cost around $15.

It is to be expected that games will lose players over time. Such a strong drop as in MultiVersus is still surprising. Other games like Brawlhalla or Konami’s eFootball, which got off to a bad start, fared better than MultiVersus, for example.

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Concrete figures for the consoles are not available, but according to them TrueAchievements According to an analysis of around two million Xbox player accounts, the number of active Xbox users is only around four percent of what was seen at the launch.