Player in Elden Ring is desperate for 6 months on an important boss because of a small bug

Elden Ring hat einen neuen Speedrun-Rekord – Brauchte nur 12 Minuten und einen Boss

The world of Elden Ring is still as harsh and unforgiving as it was when it was released. Because of this, players cannot afford to make mistakes, especially when it comes to their build. However, one player managed to get stuck on a boss for a full 6 months, just because of a small bug.

What happened to the player? The reddit user Bandit_Ke1th celebrated his success in Elden Ring with a post on reddit. He was happy to finally have killed what was probably his worst boss after a full six months and two deinstallations.

The boss was the infamous Malekith, the Black Blade. In Elden Ring, every player has a boss where you just can’t get any further.

However, often Malenia or Star Hostage Radahn were the ones who drove most players insane. So why Malekith held up the Tainted for so long, we’ll show you here.

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After 6 months and 2 deinstallations he made it

Why did the player take so long? The reddit post with about 11,000 upvotes shows Bandit_Ke1th’s Tainted after he defeated Malekith.

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However, before you start analyzing the player’s build, you need to know how Malekith works as a boss. This ferocious beast fighter has two phases. In one, he’s just a slow-moving creature wrapped in cloths. However, if you start the second phase of his fight, Malekith transforms into a strong warrior in knight armor and a black greatsword.

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From there it gets exciting, because the boss can perform special attacks that not only reduce your life when hit, but also continuously suck it out of you. So when you get hit, you not only have to contend with his fast moveset, but also with the constant HP loss.

Anyone who, like Bandit_Ke1th, has a relatively small life bar for their game progress is only one hit away from being picked apart by the boss. Basically, the Tainted’s careless stat distribution was what caused him to struggle with the boss for so long.

How did the story end? Bandit_Ke1th was able to defeat the boss, however, many players discourage him reddit to revamp his build. Many also suspect that he simply spread his values ​​evenly, without paying attention to which values ​​are important and which ones can be neglected.

Elden Ring offers players great freedom through its world and build-crafting, however, one careless mistake can turn your run into a nightmare.

Has a mistake like this happened to you and were you driven to insanity by it? Let us know in the comments!

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