Playstation VR 2: How long is the cable of the VR glasses for PS5?

Playstation VR 2: How long is the cable of the VR glasses for PS5?

Appears in a few days Playstation VR 2 for Playstation 5. In the last few days, not only Sony has answered all your questions about PSVR 2 and explained that the rumors about a flop of VR glasses for PS5 are nonsense, we are also at the start with all sorts of articles. So we have, among other things, in a detailed unboxing looked at what’s in the box, you should get a Playstation VR. In addition, we have Technology comparison PSVR 1 and PSVR 2 contrasted. Be sure to read ours too Review of Horizon: Call of the Mountainthe first and also Playstation VR 2 exclusive blockbuster game for Sony’s new VR glasses.

How long is the Playstation VR 2 cable?

Of course, one question many potential PSVR 2 buyers are asking is: Can I use this thing in my living room at all?? What if the room you’re playing in is quite a distance from the TV? Is the cable long enough?to enjoy PSVR 2 in your own living room? Well, in individual cases there can of course be problems – maybe your living room is 2000 square meters or you live in the warehouse of Ikea and want to play 90 meters away from the TV.

But we can reassure you and say: In most cases you shouldn’t have any problems playing Playstation VR. we measured the Playstation VR 2 cable is an impressive 4.50 meters long, i.e. 450 centimetres. So we have never been in a situation where we suddenly felt an uncomfortable pulling on our head or, in the worst case, even ripped our PS5 off the shelf next to the television.

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Does Playstation VR 2 work in small living rooms?

But what is of course still clear: VR gaming needs space if you want to use it to its full extent, i.e. if you want to experience the games with motion control including room scale, i.e. the recognition of the space around you.

PSVR 2 is no different. In our experience, you should about two by three meters of space without any disturbing objects in the way schedule to be able to play VR smoothly; at least that’s true for most games, some that require particularly sprawling moves.