PSVR2 for the PS5 in the test overview – for whom is the device worth it?

PSVR2: Sony announces price and release date of the VR headset for PS5

There are now first tests for PSVR2. We looked at the first reviews and explain who Sony’s new VR system could be worthwhile for.

PlayStation VR2, PSVR2 for short, is the new VR device only for the PS5. In addition to extensive hardware, the system also comes with some new, exclusive titles that are intended to encourage purchases.

But what do the first tests say and for whom is the system worth it? MeinMMO looked at the first reviews.

Fast, essential facts about PSVR2

What is PSVR anyway?

PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2 for short) is a virtual reality headset that Sony developed for the PS5. Players who put on the headset can then become more immersed in the game world. This includes a camera and matching controllers that you can attach to your hands.

What comes bundled with PSVR2?

– VR headset
– PlayStation VR2 Sense Controller (L)/(R) with attached wrist straps
– USB cable (for pairing and charging the controller)
– Stereo headphones
– Three pairs of ear pads
– Directions

Can I use PSVR 2 on the PS4?

No, PSVR2 is only compatible with PS5 and will not work with PS4.

Can I play PS4 games with PSVR2?

No, only PSVR2 exclusive titles will work with PSVR2. Your old games from the PSVR era don’t work.

How much does PSVR2 cost?

The price in Germany is 599.99 euros and is therefore higher than the entry-level price of the previous model. An edition with the exclusive game “Horizon Call of the Mountain” costs 649.99 euros. You have to pay 49.99 euros for the charging station of the controller.

Check out PSVR 2 for PS5 in the trailer – “This will give the VR scene a big boost!”

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PSVR2 in tests: lots of potential, but (still) not enough games

GamePro: The colleagues from GamePro report in their Review of PSVR2that the device is definitely a good start. The setup is easy and the eye tracking feature is also commendable. On the other hand, the battery life is too short and the UI on the PS5 is not very imaginative. In addition, there are too few games to start the hardware.

hot: The testers from Heise explain in their testthat PSVR2 can easily keep up with the expensive competition from Valve or Meta. On the other hand, there are few games that really take advantage of the hardware at the moment. The picture quality is definitely really good, but the model is unsuitable for people who wear glasses, since the glasses and headset don’t get along.

Tom’s Guide: The Colleagues from TomsGuide Above all, they praise the easy adjustment and the good haptic feedback of the controller. Overall, the model offers a strong VR experience, even without a strong gaming PC. The main criticism is the high price, which is even higher than that of the PS5 console.

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TheVerge: The Testers from TheVerge explainthat PSVR2 would surpass its predecessor in every respect. The model feels premium and is powerful. But at the moment there are simply no games for which the expensive investment would really be worthwhile. On top of that, the competing product Quest 2 offers a wireless connection.

PSVR 2 – Who is the hardware worth it for?

Why PSVR2? All testers currently agree that PSVR 2 offers a lot of potential for the future. The hardware is good and the technology works perfectly. The setup is also very easy and the controller feels good. On top of that, PSVR2 represents the latest innovation for the PS5, right after the DualSense Edge.

What speaks against PSVR2? Firstly, the small selection of games. Because when the hardware is released, everyone agrees that there are simply not enough games. So far, the purchase is not really worthwhile. After all, the device costs 599.99 euros. On the other hand, the device also has a few weaknesses, such as the short battery life and the special ergonomics.

Alternatively, you can also buy the new DualSense Edge for the PS5. You can read a comprehensive test of the Pro Controller for the PS5 here on MeinMMO:

Sony’s DualSense Edge is a great upgrade and pro controller for the PS5 if you really need it