Record for The Last of Us – Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon doesn’t stand a chance

Mr. Spock in the classic Star Trek films.

We’re in the middle of the first season of the video game adaptation The Last of Us. On Monday, February 20th the sixth of a total of nine episodes is already running. So far, all episodes have been convincing, but have also caused controversy on social media. In particular, derogatory discussions about leading actress Bella Ramsey clouded the anticipation of the series significantly. Like Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon, you can watch The Last of Us in the USA from the streaming provider HBO max recall. There the filming of the Playstation classic for an incredible record.

The Last of Us sets a record

In contrast to Mario, Lara Croft or Soniccount out the characters Joel and Ellie The Last of Us not necessarily the most well-known video game characters. And when it comes to sales figures, the popular survival horror games can’t keep up with GTA, Minecraft or Mario Kart. The Last of Us is known and valued within the player community, but the titles outside of the bubble are likely to be largely unknown.

However, the viewing figures for the series on HBO max suggest that The Last of Us is one of the most successful video game adaptations of all time and has since gained a foothold in pop culture. Even the dragons from Game of Thrones can’t keep up.

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The Last of Us leaves Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon behind

The week one premiere episode of The Last of Us was announced by Nielsen, a global leader in audience measurement 837 million minutes streamed. The video game adaptation thus clearly surpasses the previous record holder on HBO max.