Samsung Galaxy Book3: Pre-order the new home office laptops with NVIDIA RTX 4070 & Intel i9 now

Samsung Galaxy Book3: Pre-order the new home office laptops with NVIDIA RTX 4070 & Intel i9 now

The new Samsung Galaxy Book3 series will appear in a few days. If you pre-order a laptop now, you’ll get a free SSD on top!

Some of the Galaxy Book3 series has already been released, some models will follow in the coming days. The range again offers a wide range of models. From absolute hardware monsters with RTX 4070 and Intel i9 to convertibles to inexpensive entry-level models, everything is actually there. If you order one of the laptops from Saturn now, you’ll even get an SSD for free!

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Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Book3 now & secure your SSD for free

If you enter within the next 11 days Galaxy Book3 360, Pro, Pro 360 or Ultra ordered, you can get one Samsung Portable SSD T7 Shield save for free. There is a 2 TB SSD for an Ultra model, and a 1 TB SSD for all other versions. Register your purchase by March 23, 2023 at and the SSD will be sent to you.

When it comes to choosing a laptop, you are only limited in that it has to be a model from the Galaxy Book3 series. If in doubt, you can also see a reference to the campaign on the product page.

Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra

As the name suggests, the Ultra series offers the greatest performance. The laptops are equipped with first-class equipment and can therefore also be used as gaming devices. A real highlight is the model with an RTX 4070 and an Intel i9 processor.

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Pro 360: Light and flexible

The Pro 360 is particularly flexible and is ideal if you travel a lot. It is light and can also be used as a convertible. This model convinces with 16 GB of RAM and an Intel i7.

The Pro models

The Pro models are basically the middle class. These are classic laptops without convertible functions, which are ideal for working in the home office or on the go. With this model, work is twice as much fun.

Galaxy Book3

All Galaxy Book3 models have in common that they are extremely compatible with other Samsung devices. With the Galaxy smartphones, working is even more pleasant and the buds are also perfectly suitable. Entry-level models with good equipment are sometimes really cheap.

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