Sega claims Sonic Frontiers sales exceeded expectations


Sega has stated that sales of Sonic Frontiers have greatly exceeded their expectations since its release.

In a question and answer session Speaking with investors last week, Sega Sammy Holdings Executive Vice President Makoto Takahashi and IR/SR General Manager Nobuaki Yoshii stated that despite the game’s lower-than-expected Metacritic score, the game it sold better than expected.

Right now the game has Metascores between 69 and 75 on all target platforms.

During the Q&A session, an investor noted that the average price of Sonic Frontiers hasn’t dropped much since its release and asked what the company’s sales strategy was for the game going forward.

“In terms of selling price, we temporarily held a sale on Black Friday, as per our initial strategy, but we have since returned to the previous price and have been able to achieve results so far by holding the price level to a certain extent. ,” was the answer.

“The number of units sold was well in excess of the full annual plan at the beginning of the fiscal year, and we recognize that this is a title that we will continue to sell for the long term based on our sales strategies such as pricing, promotions. and the development of free DLC.”

When asked to rate the quality of Sonic Frontiers based on criticism and player reaction, one executive responded: “While it is true that the Metascore was a little lower than expected, we believe that we were able to release a title that has been well received by many people around the world, thanks to extremely high user ratings.

“We plan to release the recently announced additional DLC sequentially, and we believe we can continue to rack up repeat sales. Also, starting with Sonic Prime, which started on Netflix in December, we plan to further expand Sonic’s intellectual property in the future, such as the third film and merchandising.”

sonic frontiers is available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. You can read our review at this link.

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