Silver Falls: Last WiiU Exclusive available… but not with us – News

Silver Falls: Last WiiU Exclusive available... but not with us - News

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Following Nintendo’s announcement that it was shutting down the eShop for the WiiU, Australian one-man studio Sungrand announced that they still have exclusive titles in the pipeline for the previous Switch console. The 3D horror bike adventure is particularly outstanding Silver Falls – White Inside Its Umbra, which takes place in the Silver Falls universe of the same name, is intended to offer a detailed story campaign and also makes extensive use of the input options that are only possible on the WiiU. There is also a co-op and a lightgun RPG mode, and in addition to the WiU gamepad, the Wii remote control and the balance board are also supported.

The game was now as well Silver Falls – Undertakers Available for purchase on the WiiU in the eShop on February 16th. But that’s where the good news ends, because true to the motto: “That would have been your price…” WiiU owners in this country are staring down the drain. Both titles were only published in the eShop for North America and, like Sungrand, in the person of the owner Jerell Dulay already made it clear, nothing will change. He is silent about the exact reasons, but anyone who follows the regular developer updates on YouTube and Twitter gets the impression that Nintendo of North America in particular was very helpful with the release process, especially when it came to the formalities, but of course only for the market there. In contrast, no certification would have been possible in Europe.

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Simply creating a US account on a European WiiU to access the eShop there doesn’t work either, due to Nintendo’s region lock on the WiiU. If you’re interested, your only legal option is to purchase an NTSC WiiU. In addition, the clock is ticking, because after March 27, 2023, purchases in the eShop are generally no longer possible.