SSD, RTX 3070, monitor: Amazon pushes these prices down particularly hard

The iPhone is much cheaper on Amazon than in the Apple shop.

What could be more comfortable than going on a shopping tour in the warm room and on the comfortable couch? It’s a good thing that retailers like Amazon have full warehouses and are willing to sell their goods. The shipping giant has pushed the prices particularly low for some products in order to lure customers into the shop. In particular, SSD, RTX 3070 or monitor can currently be bought very cheaply. The PS5-compatible SSD Crucial P5 Plus with 2 TB capacity is now cheaper than ever. But other SSD offers invite you to browse – we have put them together. We also show which graphics card Geforce RTX 3070 is now much cheaper to buy than before the new GPU generation with Geforce RTX 4090 or RTX 4080. In addition, Amazon is currently running a monitor campaign where you can buy gaming monitors as well as screens for the home office at reasonable discount prices. Attention: Some of the savings deals we put together are only valid for a short time and only while the stock of the shipping giant lasts.

Amazon is pushing prices for SSD, RTX 3070, monitor and more

Amazon is currently offering the Crucial P5 Plus 2TB SSD at a new all-time low, which means the PS5-compatible SSD has never been cheaper before. However, the faster Samsung 980 Pro 2 TB costs only 10 euros more – the decision is yours. Many have been waiting for the start of the new GPU generation, such as the Geforce RTX 4090 or RTX 4080, so that they can finally shop for cheaper graphics cards from the old generation. This includes the RTX 3070, which is now available for significantly less money than before the generation change. We would also like to recommend the monitor campaign with gaming monitors from MSI and Lenovo or screens for the home office. From 24.5 inches to 27 inches to 32 inches or 34 inches, even in ultrawide format, everything that most PC users are likely to be looking for is included. In addition to the highlights SSD, RTX 3070 and monitor, we have put together other savings deals from Amazon, such as the best vacuum robot Roborock S7 Pro Ultra, which is currently available with a discount of 250 euros – for a short time.

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2TB PS5-compatible SSD cheaper than ever

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Top SSD from Samsung only slightly more expensive

PS5 compatible SSD including heatsink

SSD PCIe 3.0 at a new low price

Graphics card RTX 3070 at a top price

Ultrawide gaming monitor 34 inch curved at a special price

More monitors for gaming and home office at special prices

Even more savings deals at Amazon

Amazon hits: The 10 best-selling technology items in the last 7 days (source: internal sales statistics)

  1. Samsung QLED TV 43 inch 479€ (-40%)
  2. Wiha screwdriver set €29.99 (-40%)
  3. Samsung 980 Pro SSD 2TB (PS5 comp.) 199.99€ (-4%)
  4. Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition (Nintendo Switch) €69.99
  5. Microsoft Surface Pro 9 tablet/laptop €1,483.97 (-9%)
  6. Philips Hue White Ambiance ceiling light Enrave €88.99 (-26%)
  7. Razer Basilisk V3 gaming mouse €57.99 (-32%)
  8. HP X27i Gaming Monitor 27 inch 281.60€ (-19%)
  9. Govee Envisual TV Backlight T2 €129.99 (-14%)
  10. Apple iPad Air (2022) 64GB €666.99 (-13%)

Amazon bestsellers at a glance