Tetris Effect: Connected will receive new game modes in the next free update

Tetris Effect Connected, GamerSRD

The developers Monstars, Resonair and Stage Games have announced that along with their PS5 and PS VR2 release on February 22, Tetris Effect: Connected it will also receive a free update on all platforms that will add four new game modes.

As part of the update, all platforms will now be able to play Classic Score Attack, Zone Marathon, Purify Mode and Master Mode. The update has a trailer, explaining the new game modes.

Essentially, Classic Score Attack is a single player version of Score Attack mode. Available in effect modes, it also allows gamers to switch between NTSC and PAL game speeds. Zone Marathon is a version of Marathon mode with the Zone mechanic. Master and Purify modes can now be played as endless games.

Tetris Effect: Connected was originally released in November 2020 as an expanded re-release of Tetris effect of 2018. Originally released on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, the game has finally made its way to Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Oculus Quest as well.


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