The dark story behind Tetris is getting a movie – I can’t believe what was going on

The dark story behind Tetris is getting a movie - I can't believe what was going on

When someone hears Tetris, they immediately think of the simple arcade game with puzzle blocks. As relaxed as the mechanics may be, its backstory wasn’t. A film wants to tell this story and the trailer is already so crazy that our freelance author Christos needed time to realize it.

What kind of film is this? Apple has a new Tetris movie in the works. It’s not a block-piling movie, however, but a more promising action-mystery prequel to arcade gaming.

The trailer offers suspense, humor, action, car chases and KGB agents:

Tetris – Trailer for the prehistory of the arcade classic

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Our freelance author Christos took a closer look at the trailer and needed some time to process what he had seen.

The history of Tetris leaves you speechless

This left me speechless: I have to say, when I heard about a Tetris movie, I figured it was some animated movie about blocks made by Pixar or Disney. When the trailer started I couldn’t stop watching.

I didn’t know anything about the history of Tetris before. I just figured it was probably another 80’s nerd thing created in a garage that happened to be a smash hit.

But once the trailer was out, it left me in shock. I can’t believe the effort that went into making the arcade game public. We’re talking car chases, KGB agents and fear for one’s own survival – just to get a game out.

Totally unimaginable now, but that’s really what happened with Tetris back then.

A gaming classic we take for granted these days has such a history and I don’t think many people know about it. So if you’re interested, take a look at the film.

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When is the film coming out? According to Apple, the film will be available to stream on Apple TV+ starting March 31.

How do you like the trailer for Tetris? Before that, did you know how incredible the story behind the arcade game’s release was? Let us know in the comments if you’re going to watch the movie!