The ideal entry-level PC for gaming: AMD gives tips and makes build suggestions

Entry-level graphics cards: Performance per USD - AMD versus Nvidia.

“It’s all about games” – this is how Matthew Hummel, responsible for product marketing at AMD, introduces a new post on the manufacturer’s community website. If you want to venture into PC gaming and don’t know exactly what the hardware is all about, you should first decide for yourself which games you are aiming for and what experience you want to experience – this applies to all budgets. Matthew Hummel therefore explains that a look at the minimum system requirements of games can be advisable at the beginning. This way you can narrow down the choice of components, because the majority of the most popular games nowadays should run excellently on an entry-level PC.

What does an entry-level PC need for gaming? That’s how AMD sees it

So when asked what the minimum components are required for an entry-level PC build, Matthew Hummel knows the answer, but understandably looks through AMD’s glasses. The key components for beginners should look like this:

  • CPU – Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7 series processor.
  • motherboard – AMD B550 (Ryzen 5000, PCI-E 4.0) or AMD B650 (Ryzen 7000, PCI-E 5.0).
  • R.A.M. – 16 GiByte in Dual Channel (two 8 GiB bars recommended).
  • graphic card – Radeon 6000 series GPUs are ideal for entry-level builds.

Since the graphics card is crucial for the gaming experience, AMD explains what is important when choosing a GPU. When gamers consider cheap, entry-level Radeon GPUs, their target resolution for gaming is typically 1080p. According to AMD, 4 GiB of graphics memory is enough to run most mainstream and AAA games with medium or even high graphics settings. According to AMD, the highest settings can be handled without any problems at 1080p with 8 GiB. In addition, the chip manufacturer mentions the target frame rate to be achieved. This is more than 60 fps for most games. From AMD’s point of view, the monitor should also support Freesync technology to ensure an even better gaming experience.

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Matthew Hummel lists three graphics cards that meet the above requirements and are currently available for less than 250 US dollars, in Germany that would be less than 270 euros. These are the Radeon RX 6600, 6500 XT and 6400. The table below shows the game performance at a native resolution of 1080p in popular multiplayer titles such as GTA 5, Valorant, CS:GO and Overwatch 2:

Price GPU GTA 5 (Very High) Valorant (High) CS:GO (Ultra) Overwatch 2 (Epic)
from 263 euros Radeon RX 6600 111 fps 458 fps 481 fps 156 fps
from 152 euros Radeon RX 6500 XT 68 fps 303 fps 345 fps 99 fps
from 140 euros Radeon RX 6400 61 fps 259 fps 281 fps 74 fps

Ultimately, AMD would like to demonstrate that access to one of the three Radeon cards should be more profitable than, for example, similar competing products from Nvidia. The average fps were measured over seven games, with the better performance per dollar on the AMD side: RX 6600 – 0.88 fps/USD, RX 6500 XT – 0.97 fps/USD and RX 6400 – 1.01 fps /USD; compared to RTX 3060 – 0.6 fps/USD, GTX 1650 – 0.81 fps/USD and GTX 1630 – 0.54 fps/USD.

Entry-level graphics cards: Performance per USD – AMD versus Nvidia.
Source: AMD

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Source: AMD