The technique to save gasoline that is crushing the engine of your car

dashboard of a car

It is true that the price of fuel has been falling for a few weeks, but it is still expensive. After disappearing the aid of the Government of the 20 cents that so many hundreds of euros saved each Spaniard, now it is time to look closely at the price of each gas station before refueling.

And with the war that started in Russia almost a year ago, the price of fuel has been skyrocketing for too long. We even recorded historical numbers, exceeding two euros per liter, something we had never seen before.

Now things are somewhat better, but it depends on when you read this news, since both diesel and gasoline rise and fall without much justification. For example, after 6 months more expensive, diesel again costs less than gasoline per liter.

This makes millions of drivers practice low consumption techniques in their day to day with the car or motorcycle. And there are many techniques, although the most common is to drive at very low revs, so the engine makes fewer turns per minute and needs less fuel to circulate. The bad thing is that this technique has severe cons.

Driving at low revs is bad for your engine and car

This is not the case by law, since we can travel at lower speeds and this does not pose any problem for our vehicle. But it is true that always going with the highest gear and with very low revs does predetermine being harmful.

Let’s see the three reasons for which, driving with the engine too loose can end up spoiling the useful life of our car. And the market is not there to buy a new car. Let’s see it:

  • 1st Can fault EGR valve. This is responsible for the recirculation of gases, allowing part of the exhaust gases to return to the intake to carry out combustion with less oxygen, thus producing less nitrogen oxide (NOX).
  • 2nd The same goes for the anti-particle filter (FAP), which has one of its worst enemies in the soot caused by this type of combustion. Its job is to trap the particles and burn them to regenerate and eliminate them.
  • 3rd Finally, low engine revs cause significant vibrations that can affect many mechanical componentsproducing premature wear and incorrect operation in elements such as cylinders.
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These three points can be really dangerous for a car, since there are many elements to take into account and many options for something to go wrong. For this reason, you already know that you can drive to lower laps, but not always. Every once in a while downshift and hit the car.