Too Clumsy, Too Complicated: Hogwarts Legacy Should Simplify These 6 Things

We would like these small improvements for Hogwarts Legacy.

We would like these small improvements for Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy offers us the full magical experience: we are students, take part in the lessons, but also explore the magic world, deal with all kinds of beings, face dark dangers and equip our game character with new skills and clothes. In short: there is really a lot to do.

We noticed that some features that we use to manage everyday Hogwarts life are too cumbersome or complicated. With a few small improvements, the development team could make our wizard or witch life a lot easier. We’ll tell you our ideas.

1. More options in character editor

A great appeal of RPGs is being able to create our own character and literally play a role. The Hogwarts Legacy character editor offers some great options, such as versatile hairstyles. In addition, we can choose our voice independently of the body.

We have some freedom with our characters, but not enough for an RPG.

We have some freedom with our characters, but not enough for an RPG.

Unfortunately, face customization quickly reaches its limits. If we want to recreate a well-known character or ourselves – or just want to differentiate ourselves more clearly from other players – it will be difficult. A few more options would be nice.

JK Rowling’s transphobia: The success of Hogwarts Legacy indirectly benefits Harry Potter author JK Rowling, who participates through existing publishing rights and the associated sale of the books. Rowling continues to be active in anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetoric and actively supports anti-trans policies in the UK. If you want to find out more about the topic, you can find one here Summary of the main controversies surrounding Hogwarts Legacy.

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2. Easier to switch language in game

If we want to adjust the language in Hogwarts Legacy according to our preferences and, for example, choose the text language or subtitles independently of the voice output, it’s far too cumbersome. We can’t just go into a game menu to adjust this, we have to go into the console menu.

That should definitely change. We have summarized how you can change the settings on PS5 and Series X/S in this article:

Change language in Hogwarts Legacy


more on the subject

Change language in Hogwarts Legacy

3. Being able to sell more things at once

Being able to sell items we don’t need is handy. However, one option that most other games offer is clearly missing: “sell everything”.

For example, if we want to get rid of several scarves, we have to select each one individually, even holding X each time (on PS5).

4. Pause function for cutscenes

The doorbell rings, the baby is crying… Well, bad luck if that happens during one of the many cutscenes, because we can’t pause them that easily.

Yes, there is a trick for that. Still, it would be nice to be able to interrupt cutscenes just as easily as normal gameplay, especially since not everyone knows this trick.

Once a cutscene is playing, we can't interrupt that easily.

Once a cutscene is playing, we can’t interrupt that easily.

5. Easier spell slot management

Hogwarts Legacy is all about improving our casting skills and learning new powerful and useful spells.

However, we only have four slots that we can use as we wish.

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Swapping out the spells by having to go through the menu every time is pretty cumbersome. This is particularly annoying in situations where, for example, we just want to clear a few pieces of debris with Reparo and then immediately swap the spell again because we want to put more important things on the slot. That should be less complicated.

6. Petting cats without cutscene

If you want to pet cats, you need patience at Hogwarts.

If you want to pet cats, you need patience at Hogwarts.

Don’t we always want to pet all cute animals in games? We can hardly ignore the many different colored cats that frolic in and around Hogwarts. While our game character in other titles only briefly strokes the head of the four-legged friend, in Hogwarts Legacy a real cutscene plays straight away. Petting cats is a real commitment here!

Of course, this is one of the less important points, after all we can just ignore the velvet paws. Or? Can we? It’s also just nice to be able to interact with the world.

Now it’s your turn: reveal what little things Hogwarts Legacy could improve to make your life easier. It’s not about the really big changes, but about small quality of life improvements.