Where are Star Wars and Marvel? Netflix is ​​wiping the floor with the competition

Scene from the video game The Last of Us.  Joel grabs Ellie.

The streaming industry will continue to face numerous challenges in 2023. The biggest problem at the moment is the stagnating number of subscriptions. content like wednesday on netflix, Star Wars: Andor on Disney Plus or The Last of Us on HBO max (in Germany on Sky, or Wow) know how to convince and inspire millions, but the fat years of growth seem to be over. Measures such as price increases, the capping of features, a streamlining of the offer and the prevention of account sharing are intended to counteract the trend, but also annoy the audience. Nevertheless rides Netflix continue on a wave of success.

Netflix dominates the US streaming charts

The US streaming charts from Nielsen, a global leader in audience measurement, paint a picture that should put a smile on the faces of those in charge at Netflix. In the division “Movie” for the currently rated week of January 16-22, there are three Netflix films in the top spots. is in 1st place Dog Gone followed by Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery at number 2. The top 3 is held by The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker completed.

In the division “Acquired” third-party content is listed. Here is located the Walking Dead #1 on Netflix and Cocomelon (also on Netflix) at No. 2. A notable third-place finish is The Last of Us on HBO max, with just two episodes released at the time.

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Also in things “Original” content nobody can hold a candle to Netflix. The dramedy series is enthroned in first place Ginny & Georgia before That ’90ies Show in 2nd place and Vikings: Valhalla in 3rd place. Competitor Amazon Prime Video only succeeds in 5th place Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan slide into Netflix dominance. A total of 7 places in the top ten go to the top dogs. Amazon Prime Video can deal with Hunters position on 9 again, Disney Plus occupies the last place National Treasure: Edge of History.