Wild Hearts: A simple trick should significantly improve your FPS and performance

Wild Hearts Graphics Settings Sound and Output

EA’s new game Wild Hearts is plagued by performance issues. However, you can significantly improve your frame rate with a simple trick.

Many people currently playing Wild Hearts on PC are having major problems with stable performance. Whether AMD or Nvidia, low-end or high-end PC: Many gamers are affected and are annoyed by the problems.

The developers had already announced that there should be a bug fix in the coming week (from February 20, 2023). But now users have presented a trick that should actually help and is quite simple.

The weak performance is also annoying because the game is supposed to be really good otherwise, according to well-known experts:

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Performance trick for Wild Hearts should work with both AMD and Nvidia

How does the trick work?

  • In the Wild Hearts settings, go to the “Sound” tab in the settings.
  • Here you select the output settings.
  • Now you change the output from “Stereo” to “7.1 /5.1”. Stereo is enabled by default.
This is what the in-game menu looks like.

Many users explain on Steamthat the trick would really help them. If the frame rate in the game had regularly slipped below 20 frames per second at the beginning, many could now gamble with significantly more than 60 FPS. For example, one user writes:

I played at 1080p on low settings, with a [RTX] 3070ti and there was always all kinds of stuttering. After changing the audio, I can run the game at 1440p on medium settings with no issues.

Incidentally, this applies to systems with both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. If you are currently playing Wild Hearts and also have problems with performance, then definitely try this tip out. If the tip doesn’t work, you can easily undo the change.

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