Wild Hearts: You should change this setting immediately for a better look

We have a tip for you when it comes to graphics settings.

We have a tip for you when it comes to graphics settings.

Since yesterday, February 16th, EA’s Monster Hunter alternative Wild Hearts is on the market. If you’ve already started your hunt for the powerful ‘Kemono’ (the name of the beasts in the game) or are planning to start this weekend, we have a good tip for you. This affects the graphics settings and can make a significant difference visually.

This setting creates a clearer picture

If you’ve already started playing the game, we can imagine that you’ve been surprised that in certain situations the image looks really blurry or even as if there are streaks on the screen. This occurs, for example, when it’s snowing and you rotate the camera.

The snowflakes are strangely warped sideways and blurred. If you noticed this, you should definitely disable motion blur in the settings. This feature seems to have a problem with the particle effects in the game.

Turn off motion blur, that’s how it’s done:

  • shout that settings menu in game on.
  • Select the tab “graphic“.
  • The lowest point is now the motion blurrespectively Motion blur. Switch to “deactivate” here.

More technical information and tips can be found here:

In our comparison video you can get a good idea of ​​what it looks like when we’re spinning while it’s snowing with motion blur enabled (beginning of the video) and what it looks like after we disable the feature.

Wild Hearts: Comparison video with and without motion blur


Wild Hearts: Comparison video with and without motion blur

What is motion blur and what is it for? Motion blur simulates the blurring effect that film cameras produce when objects in the frame (such as people or vehicles) are moving quickly. As a result, cinema blockbusters no longer appear so jerky despite the low refresh rate.

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A low frame rate can also be concealed in games. However, since the effect is artificially created, it can lead to an unrealistic and disturbing display. Just like in Wild Hearts – the fact that the air blurs when it rains and creates a rather irritating image is actually not wanted. So an update would be appropriate.

Have you already deactivated the motion blur or wondered about the mentioned effect?