Windows 11 driver update: Installation fails with code 0x80070103

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There have been problems installing drivers for Windows 11 since the most recent update: This fails with the error code 0x80070103. For Microsoft, however, the bug is no cause for concern.


Error code 0x80070103: The installation of Windows 11 drivers is currently problematic.
Error code 0x80070103: The installation of Windows 11 drivers is currently problematic.
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A new driver update is available for Microsoft’s current operating system Windows 11 – according to reports in the Microsoft forum and the Feedback Hub according to this, however, cannot be played at all. Instead of a successful installation of the new driver, only the error message 0x80070103 is output.

According to user reports, the appearance of the error codes is independent of the model on which the Windows drivers are to be installed. The version of Windows 11 used also does not seem to have any influence, as one user writes: The failed installation also appears on the beta and release preview version of Windows 11.

Basically, such a driver problem offers great potential for serious problems: If it does not work properly, in the worst case it can lead to hardware or components such as graphics cards, mice and keyboards no longer working.

However, Microsoft itself sees no problem in the error message. The company is aware of the error code 0x80070103, as an employee in the Feedback Hub announces. The message would only state that something is to be installed that is already on the computer – displaying the error message would accordingly have no impact on general usage. However, a workaround or patch that fixes error code 0x80070103 is not yet in sight.

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Windows 11 gets updates again.

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