You decide: For which MMO do you want to see a post-test in 2023? Opinion poll!

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You have certainly seen them, ours Previews of the most exciting RPGs and MMOs coming in 2023 should. While it couldn’t be more exciting and packed on the RPG front, as of now, we only expect two interesting new additions to the online roleplaying game space in the coming months: Blue Protocol and Throne and Liberty. So why not use the comparatively quiet phase to check on an established online role-playing game again?

You decide, we play!

By established, however, we don’t mean the big genre representatives that we regularly visit anyway, such as World of Warcraft (Dragon Flight review), Guild Wars 2 (End of Dragons review), Final Fantasy 14 (our Assessment of Endwalker) or The Elder Scrolls Online (Test for the last chapter High Isle). even in We watched Lord of the Rings Online for a few hours last year.

Rather, we want to pay our attention once again to an MMO that we haven’t played for a long time (or even never) professionally or privately, but which could also be an interesting recommendation for players in 2023 who are really in want to lose in a persistent online world.

But which MMO to choose? There are so many! Mhm, why should we actually decide that? After all, we would like to carry out the flying visit for YOU! So join in and tell us in the following survey which online role-playing game our editor Karsten should play over the coming weeks in order to get a comprehensive impression of the status quo of the MMO and then write a follow-up test about it.

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