10 phrases you never want to hear in World of Warcraft

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There are some sentences you never want to hear from your fellow players in World of Warcraft. We’ve got 10 of them that will make you break out in a cold sweat right away.

World of Warcraft is a social game at its core. If you want to be successful, you have to be in contact with your group members and exchange at least a few words. While most of these conversations are nice and positive, there are a few phrases that everyone has heard way too many times that immediately bring old traumas to light.

Here are 10 phrases you never want to hear in World of Warcraft – and for good reason.

1. “You should have mocked that”

Communication between two tanks in raids is usually quite monosyllabic. Most of the time it’s just “mockery” followed by “have” and then “you are”. That’s how we like our tanks. Short, precise announcements, with which they take turns attracting the boss.

This is usually necessary because most bosses have stacking effects that apply to tanks. A single tank would fall over after a while, so it’s a “back and forth” like the beat that dictates the rest of the fight.

But when “You should have mocked” is heard, you can literally smell through the screen how the healers’ sweat of fear filled the air. Because if the rhythm is broken, this usually means that one of the two tanks falls out of the pines almost immediately or needs a lot of attention from the healer.

In some boss fights you can’t afford to make such mistakes and then after such a sentence the whole raid already knows that a very painful and long-lasting wipe is coming up.

Forgot to mock? This can often lead to a painful death.

2. “The healing was actually done”

Made into a meme by Uncle Barlow’s well-known blog, and yet unintentionally quoted countless times. Tank players in particular know the problem in dungeons and raids when the life bar is slowly but surely approaching zero and all strong abilities are already on cooldown. A cure would be nice – but that doesn’t happen. So a few seconds later you fall completely unnecessarily dead on the ground, closely followed by the rest of the group. In the error analysis, the healer then makes the ominous sentence.

When analyzed, it usually turns out that the healer either healed himself, some hunter pet, or the mage that was jumping around, but not the tank. In 20% of the cases, the healer simply did not heal at all, but was probably on TikTok or YouTube mentally.

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3. “How do you change the dungeon to Mythic?”

Before the weekly reset, just do a “Mythic+10” to fill the last slot in the treasury. A lot of people know that. But late in the evening there are hardly any friends online, so you decide to join a random group – you turn a blind eye.

At first glance, all members look solid, but when entering the dungeon, there is no source of power to insert the keystone – because the dungeon is still on “Normal”. A mistake that often happens.

Then, however, the sentence “How do you set the dungeon to mythical?” falls and by now all alarm bells should be ringing. Because if the party leader doesn’t know this information, there’s a huge chance that it’s not the only information about dungeons that hasn’t reached them yet.

Confusion. Always good.

4. “Oops, I released the ghost”

It just happens that characters in World of Warcraft die. Whether in a raid or a dungeon, at some point everyone bites the dust. That in itself wouldn’t be such a bad thing, as long as one party member is capable of resurrecting the dead. It only takes about 10 seconds, then you can continue.

However, one could also “unleash the ghost” to manually run back to the group. In many cases this is a good idea when the walking distance is quite short. However, it is fatal if the way is quite long. In some dungeons in particular, there is a particularly tough group waiting in front of the final boss, who will knock one or the other character out of their shoes. If the affected person now releases the spirit, it means waiting. Running distances of up to two minutes are not uncommon and ensure that a “done in time” becomes a tight race.

Because until the last player is back with his fellow combatants, everyone has to wait …

5. “Where is our hunter?”

A phrase commonly read after someone has released the spirit. Actually, enough time has passed that you could be back with the group long ago, but somehow the last group member just doesn’t show up. A look at the dungeon map then reveals that the missing player is wandering through some corridors that lead to a completely different part of the instance – he is lost.

I don’t know why that is either. But it’s always the hunter.

So if you’re wondering why some dungeons are more like “hose levels” – take a critical look at the next hunter in your group. Then you know why.

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It’s always the hunters with their pets.

6. “Oh, I forgot my pet”

Healers and tanks in World of Warcraft have to be able to take a lot. Traumatic experiences are the order of the day. But even hardened warrior tanks with a resting heart rate of 15 start to hyperventilate when chatting with a sentence like “Where’s my pet?” or “Oh, forgot my pet”.

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As a rule, you read the sentence after you have taken a shortcut in a dungeon and jumped from a higher level to a lower one.

As a result, the animal or demon of your choice now finds its own way through the dungeon. The creature happily waves to all enemies that you actually wanted to avoid and leads them unerringly to the group.

This often leads to dozens of enemy groups attacking the “heroes” at the same time. Tanks ignite all their cooldowns, healers pray to the light, and DPS players enjoy “really badass area damage” for 3.27 seconds before deciding to respawn.

In the meantime, Blizzard has made improvements in many places so that animals simply teleport to their masters – but that’s not always the case.

7. “Short afk”

They are two small words and yet the lie behind them is usually huge. It’s raid night and you’ve gathered with 15 other players to tackle the new raid together.

Actually, the rules are clear.
In fact, everyone knows the rules.
Actually, everyone knows that there are fixed break times that have been agreed upon.

And yes, at first glance it is of course not bad if you have to afk for a minute. On the other hand, it steals a minute from 15 other people.

Worse still, it always turns into an “AFK parade” in which people hand the handle to each other.

Player A: “Short 2 minutes afk.”
5 minutes pass.
Player B: “If A is still afk, I’ll be gone for a while too.”
3 seconds pass.
Player A: “Re.”

But we’re still talking about the “good” case where players actually come back. Because sometimes they don’t.

The stories, which usually follow a day later, are always big: “Yes, my current roommate is moving out soon and wanted to spontaneously organize a farewell party, so I couldn’t leave the kitchen and I forgot you guys. “

Yes, you know exactly who is meant, my rogue friend.

8. “Anyone have a rep bot?”

Such an innocent question, which is mostly based on the fact that a player in the group did not repair their equipment before visiting the raid or dungeon. The armor is red, the weapon is useless, and the character is useless until repaired.

Of course, this incident only happens in dungeons where you can’t mount and therefore can’t use a “vendor mount” to do the repairs. There are bonus points if there is no warlock in the group. In that case, the broken player must first grab the hearthstone, fix it, and then trundle back to the instance while the rest of the group twiddles their thumbs or throws half the collection of toys onto the floor.

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Sometimes you just want to cry.

9. “I kicked it!”

Even if fights in World of Warcraft have become more and more complex over the years, the basic structure is often quite simple when broken down into the individual mechanics. You often have to memorize which skills need to be interrupted on which mobs. Depending on the difficulty of the content, a single spell can mean the difference between life and death.

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Therefore, responsibilities are often divided. “The monk kicks the moon symbol.”

The big moment is coming. The enemy with the moon symbol casts the one devastating spell. The bar fills up… the monk’s time comes… and passes.

The fact that people still insist on saying: “I played football,” that’s actually a bit of cheek. Because that was obviously not the case, you can see without a doubt from the whole group, which releases the spirit with a sour hum.

10. “So in my main raid we play the boss differently”

Learning new bosses is always difficult in World of Warcraft. The raid management often finds it difficult enough to explain the mechanics to all players, to coordinate the tanks and to allocate the various healing cooldowns. Particularly tough raid bosses just need some practice until the tactics and the approach are right.

But after the second wipe at the latest, a player always comes (it’s always the random who has never been there) and says: “So in my main raid we play the boss differently” and then explains without being asked what kind of tactics you use used there. The result is that the still-learning players are hopelessly confused and mix up both tactics, leading to utter chaos.

Bonus points are also awarded here if the relevant player leaves the group after the next wipe. Confusing everyone and then running away is somehow also a very special kind of trolling.

Bonus: “I’m coming with my twink”

A sentence that is usually used when your main character is well equipped and the current content has been successfully mastered at least once. You want to try something new and this ensures that every loot has a use.

And of course the twink is a shadow priest whose style of play and distribution of talents is “not so sure yet”, who has 3 unoccupied socket slots, hasn’t created any enchantments and a blue healer trinket because “just doesn’t want to drop anything better”.

Thanks to this active “reinforcement”, the boss fights become longer and fights that you actually had on farm status suddenly get a new difficulty. The “Twink” affix, so to speak.

If you hear this sentence, it’s basically your last chance to run away quickly or to come up with a suitable excuse. Maybe a roommate wants to have a farewell party.

Do you have any other phrases that immediately “trigger” you, because you know that things are going downhill now? Let us know in the comments!