26 Best Free Games for PS4 and PS5 in 2023

26 Best Free Games for PS4 and PS5 in 2023

The PS4 and PS5 offer a variety of fun games, but it doesn’t always have to cost a fortune to get great entertainment and fun. MeinMMO presents you with the best free games for PS4 and PS5 that you can play in 2023.

We have selected 26 free games from different genres for you and present them. One or the other game may be a few years older, but each and every one of them will still be very popular in 2023 and have mostly positive reviews among the free-to-play titles.

How did we choose? The games that we present to you here are personal recommendations from the editors and authors of MeinMMO. Most are online games with multiplayer, but you can also play some alone or in co-op.

We’ve made sure to cover a wide range of genres: from MMORPGs to battle royale shooters to platform brawlers, there’s something for everyone.

The list is in no order, so it’s not a ranking.

Note on games from 18:
If you want to download a game with an age rating of 18 and over, then there is a one-time fee of 25 cents. This fee is for the age verification where your ID card is checked. If you have a PS Plus subscription, then this fee does not apply.


What is Dauntless? In Dauntless, you take on the role of a Slayer and hunt monsters in a world made up of floating islands. These monsters are called Behemoths and they threaten to consume the world with their hunger. Once you’ve slain a Behemoth, you can use its parts to forge new weapons and equipment. The game features cooperative multiplayer action that pits you alone or in teams against the Behemoths.

Dauntless is based on Monster Hunter in terms of gameplay, but it remains much more beginner-friendly in terms of game depth and monster variety. This does not make Dauntless any less fun and it enjoys an active and large community.

Dauntless Console Launch Trailer PS4

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This is what sets Dauntless apart:

  • Massive monsters that feel like raid bosses in battle
  • Gameplay similar to Monster Hunter World: You have to kill monsters in strategic battles and get better and better equipment
  • All kinds of weapons, armor and consumables
  • No Pay-2-Win: All gameplay-related content is accessible for free
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Dauntless is suitable for: Everyone who is enthusiastic about challenging fights against individual monsters, crafting and the hunt for better loot. Monster Hunter fans and anyone interested in similar games should definitely consider Dauntless.

Link to download: Dauntless on PlayStation Store


What is Fortnite? Fortnite is the most popular battle royale shooter in recent years. The game was originally intended as a paid PvE survival game, but the free Battle Royale mode exploded in popularity. 100 players fight alone or in small teams of up to four players in an ever-shrinking area, each against each other. Whoever survives last wins the round. A special aspect of Fortnite is the collection of building materials in the form of wood, stone and metal. This can be used to build different structures that add a deeper, tactical level to the shooter.

There are now several different main modes in Fortnite, such as a no-build mode, party sandboxes, or even custom versions of Among Us. You can also develop your own game modes and invite other players to do so. There are also regular new events and updates that keep the game fresh.

Everything you need to know about the battle royale shooter Fortnite

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This is what Fortnite is all about:

  • Cool colorful comic style
  • Easily accessible and easy to learn
  • construction mode
  • Unique events, game modes and formats
  • Regular updates for weapons, maps, skins and much more

Fortnite is good for: Everyone who likes battle royale or wants to try it. The player base is among the largest among gaming communities.

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Link to download: Fortnite on PlayStation Store

Fortnite is really no longer a shooter – the latest update finally causes chaos to break out

Apex Legends

What is Apex Legends? Apex Legends is set in the Titanfall series universe and is one of the Battle Royale shooters. Together with two other players you jump over an area and fight against 19 other teams of three until only one team remains. The playing area gets smaller and smaller over the course of a round. At the beginning of each new game you choose one of over 20 different characters (“Legends”) with different abilities. On the way you will find various futuristic weapons and tools. Regular new seasons also bring new content into play that you can unlock. You have to pay real money for cosmetics and battle passes, but they do not give you any gaming advantages.

Apex Legends Gameplay Trailer

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This is what Apex Legends is all about:

  • Over 20 legends with unique skills that greatly influence your playstyle
  • Large number of cool weapons
  • Very good gun play
  • Focus on team play
  • New content in the form of Seasons and Battle Passes

Apex Legends is for: Fans of battle royale and/or hero shooters like Overwatch. Apex Legends plays much faster and more tactically than Fortnite and rewards good team play.

Link to download: Apex Legends on PlayStation Store

listen to me Now is the perfect time to finally get started with Apex Legends

Path of Exile

What is Path of Exile? Path of Exile is an action RPG and one of the best alternatives to the Diablo series. As an outcast, you awaken on the shores of Wraeclast, a continent that serves as a penal colony for criminals. Regardless of the reasons for your banishment, you must now confront the unforgiving wilderness and its dangerous denizens. You fight your way through the crumbling ruins and bloody mysteries of either the Eternal Empire or the Vaal civilization.

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At the beginning of the game you choose one of 6 starting classes for your character, such as marauder, witch or ranger. With these you slaughter your way through hordes of enemies in the best hack’n’slay manner, using all sorts of different weapons and magic. On the way you collect equipment and upgrades. With these and a massive skill tree, you can shape your character however you want.

Path of Exile PS4 launch trailer

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This is what makes Path of Exile special:

  • Unique character classes
  • Gigantic skill tree with countless possibilities for individual character development
  • Regular balance updates and different season themes
  • Tons of cool loot

Path of Exile is suitable for: Anyone who likes action RPGs and hack’n’slash, likes extensive character development or is looking for a more complex alternative to Diablo. The community is very large, active and above all extremely helpful.

Link to download: Path of Exile on PlayStation Store


What is Warframe? In the distant future, you awaken from a long hibernation as a warrior to rid the solar system of tempted monsters, fascist clones, and greedy corporations. From the third-person view you cut your way through the opponents as a kind of cyber ninja. While the focus is on melee combat, you can also use various firearms.

The eponymous Warframes are combat suits that you can find and unlock. Each of the 80+ Warframes has unique abilities. Along with a variety of modifiable weapons, you can create your very own playstyle. Then you can go on the story missions with up to three other players, where particularly fast and dynamic gameplay awaits you.

Warframe PS4 launch trailer

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This is what makes Warframe special:

  • Versatile and varied thanks to numerous combat suits with individual skills
  • Abundant arsenal in the form of sidearms, main weapons, and melee weapons
  • spaceship battles
  • Helpful and friendly community that eases the complex process of getting started
  • Content lasts a long time – thanks to the loot, craft and upgrade system
  • Fair financial model
  • Exciting story
  • Free PS5 upgrade

Warframe is suitable for: Fans of fast and action-packed gameplay, with lots of depth and great long-term motivation. Warframe has complex mechanics, but devoting yourself to them will reward you accordingly.

Link to download: Warframe on PlayStation Store