6 reasons Bloodborne needs a reboot

Originally we were supposed to take on a gigantic tangle of snakes in the game.

Bloodborne is a really good game, but it could be even better in a remake.

A Souls game set in a Victorian horror setting inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos, with a fast and aggressive combat system: The perfect game doesn’t exist, but Bloodborne isn’t that far off for me personally. At least if I forget for a moment that it only runs at a not particularly smooth 30 fps.

The frame rate is of course the main reason why I – like many other fans – want a new edition. Besides that, I have a few other ideas that could make this outstanding game a little bit better.

1. Cumbersome fast travel system

One thing that is unnecessarily complicated in Bloodborne is the fast travel system. Although I have my lamps as checkpoints in the individual areas, if I want to beam myself to them, it’s not easy to go from one to the other. Instead, I always have to return to the hunter’s dream to use the tombstones.

In order to fast travel, we have to return to the hunter's dream each time.

In order to fast travel, we have to return to the hunter’s dream each time.

Yes, the hub area is cool, but it would be nice if I could save myself this detour. Even if the loading times in a PS5 version would of course not be as excruciatingly long as in the PS4.

2. Time Waster Vial Farming

While in the Dark Souls series my Estus bottles fill up every time I rest at the bonfire, the healing items in Bloodborne are consumables. I find them in the world or by searching slain enemies.

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Farming is an annoying time waster, especially when I need a lot of attempts at one point. Or, if I actually want to play a “quick” run where I don’t kill every opponent and graze every nook and cranny.

If a boss keeps us longer, we may have to farm vials in between.

If a boss keeps us longer, we may have to farm vials in between.

The vials wouldn’t need to be completely done away with for a possible remake, but I’d really like to see it go for a mix of restorative healing and consumables like I’ve seen in other Souls games, including Dark Souls 2 .

3. Too unspectacular NG+

I’ve already dedicated an entire article to the wish that FromSoftware will focus on more exciting New Game Plus modes in the future. And a Bloodborne remake would make a debut for it like no other Souls game!

A lot of the coolest weapons, like the rakuyo (a sword made up of two blades), I don’t get until very late in the game or in the DLC. As a result, I only use them in NG+ and this could be much more varied if I had new modes to choose from. For example, an enemy randomizer that randomly repositions enemies. Mods already offer the perfect example.

The New Game Plus in Dark Souls and Co. must be more exciting


more on the subject

The New Game Plus in Dark Souls and Co. must be more exciting

4th graphics update could bring wow effect

In my opinion, Bloodborne still looks really chic, which is partly due to the unique look. But how much prettier FromSoftware games can actually look on the current gen was impressively demonstrated by Bluepoint Games’ Demon’s Souls Remake.

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The differences are noticeable everywhere, for example in the lighting, distance vision, textures and faces. I would really like to see Bloodborne at this graphical level.

Here you can get an impression of the Demon’s Souls remake:

Demons Souls: Launch trailer fuels anticipation for the remake


Demon’s Souls: Launch trailer fuels anticipation for the remake

5. Tired of 30 fps

And that brings me to the most obvious point: I didn’t just want to be able to play every Souls game at 60 fps since the new generation of consoles arrived. If I play Bloodborne with its unstable 30 fps, my stomach gets really queasy after a few hours.

That’s why I haven’t touched the action RPG for a long time, although I actually love it. How I would like to experience it all over again in smooth 60 fps!

Playing a Souls game at under 60 fps just doesn't feel contemporary anymore.

Playing a Souls game at under 60 fps just doesn’t feel contemporary anymore.

6. Chalice dungeons lack variety

In addition to the above-ground world, there is almost a complete game in the underground of Bloodborne. The randomly generated chalice dungeons are not only worth farming, they also bring really cool bosses. The basic design also creates a nice spooky atmosphere, but quickly becomes monotonous. A little more variety could just make the underground world that much more exciting.

Perhaps it would be enough if the rooms and elements differed a bit more in shape and arrangement and didn’t look obviously like modular levels. At least those that are not randomly assembled.

Do you agree that Bloodborne desperately needs a remake? What improvements would you like to see for these?

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