7 cool outfits for Hogwarts Legacy: We’ll show you how to combine the clothes in a chic way

We show you different outfits and name the individual pieces of clothing for them.

We show you different outfits and name the individual pieces of clothing for them.

Who do you want to be in Hogwarts Legacy? Model student in a cool uniform combination, or a mysterious stranger or fashion role model in stylish colors? In the magical RPG you have a variety of very different clothes to choose from, which you can freely combine. We show you seven stylish outfits for very different tastes and occasions and tell you which individual pieces of clothing you need for them.

Where can I find the clothes? You can find most of them randomly in chests or on slain enemies, so unfortunately we can’t give you any instructions on how to get the necessary pieces.

1. Mysterious and aloof

  • Cloak and Capes: Cloak of the Dark Arts
  • Outfit: Legendary armored robe
  • Handwear: Herbalist Gloves made of dragon skin
  • Facewear: Frameless tinted glasses

Want to be the mysterious new kid at school? A person who nobody can really judge and who others trust to be capable of unforgivable curses? Then this outfit is perfect. If you don’t have the Dark Arts cloak, the rest of it looks pretty chic and mysterious without it. You can also optionally omit gloves and glasses.

2. Elvish

  • Neckwear: Gorgeous scarf in emerald green
  • Cloak and Capes: Illustrious emerald silk cloak
  • Outfit: Highland Explorer’s Garb

This outfit could also be from a Lord of the Rings game. It’s elegant and brings with it something elven or elfish. At the same time, the natural tones give the impression of a closeness to nature.

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3. Nerdy fall outfit

  • headwear: Truthfinder’s Tailor’s Hat
  • Facewear: Round glasses with gold frames
  • Neckwear: Colored striped scarf
  • Cloak and Capes: School cape with cuffs
  • Outfit: Gray fool’s robe
  • Handwear: Ornate ebony gloves

With its colorful, but not too colorful combination of colors and the wool fabric, this outfit goes really well with autumn. Purple tones are particularly in focus here. With the stripes and the glasses, the clothes also have something casually nerdy and radiate cosiness.

1. Steampunk Professor

  • Outfit: Dark Arts Ensemble
  • Cloak and Capes: Tailored Tailcoat
  • Facewear: Wooden glasses with golden frames
  • Handwear: Ornate ebony gloves

This combination has a slight steampunk charm, but is not too wacky aesthetically and therefore blends in well with the school environment. That’s why we call it “Steampunk Professor”. If you don’t have the dark arts ensemble, we can recommend the legendary armored robe. Want more steampunk? Then you can add a cylinder to it.

4. School Hipster

  • Outfit: Classic school uniform with tartan pattern
  • headwear: Smart fedora
  • Neckwear: Dark Wool Scarf
  • Facewear: Round glasses with gold frames

You need a school uniform for your immersion in class, but you still don’t want to look boring and arbitrary? Then become a hipster with this combination. The uniform has its charm with vest and tie. The pattern of the uniform is picked up again for the hat band. The scarf gives a casual touch.

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5. Chic and stylish

  • Handwear: Hogwarts gloves
  • headwear: Chic cylinder
  • Facewear: Well-read half-rimmed glasses
  • Neckwear: Wide scarf with house coat of arms
  • Cloak and Capes: Patterned currant-colored long coat
  • Outfit: Protector Ensemble
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Are you looking for a look that is stylish and elegant, but is unobtrusive at the same time? With this combination you are prepared for all Hogwarts activities and you could also be seen at the evening events in the big cities. The different shades of red are very harmonious together.

7. Sleepyhead style

  • Outfit: Light nightgown
  • Facewear: Dragon eye glasses with golden frames
  • headwear: Mauve beret
  • Neckwear: Celtic scarf with brushstroke pattern

Okay, we also wanted to offer you a somewhat silly alternative. Do you always have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Then show it off with this style. Yes, you can actually walk around in your pajamas. Your out of bed hairstyle can be hidden under the crumpled beret, the scarf in light blue complements the soft pink color of the hat.

You can also hide your tired eyes wonderfully under the dragon eye glasses. So you are prepared for every pajama party.

Do you like any of the outfits? Which station wagon are you currently traveling with and what does it express for you?