At Humble Bundle you can buy games and help the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria – Here’s how

At Humble Bundle you can buy games and help the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria - Here's how

Online store Humble Bundle is launching a fundraiser for victims of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. When you buy games, part of the money goes to the aid organization Direct Relief.

On February 6, severe earthquakes measuring 7.8 and 7.5 magnitudes and other aftershocks destroyed large parts of the Turkish-Syrian border region. The death toll is now over 44,000 people and rescue workers continue to search under the rubble for survivors.

In such a difficult situation, every cent helps, which is why the online store Humble Bundle announces that they will use part of their income from the sale of games Direct Relief will donate, an aid organization that provides humanitarian aid worldwide.

You can already buy these bundles: For anyone who wants to buy new games and do something good in the process, there are already a few options in the store. As usual, you can pay as much as you see fit when you buy it, with the lowest price of the bundles ranging from around €4 to €11.

You can currently choose from the following 4 gaming bundles:

  • fishing season: The bundle offers 24 games worth a total of €255.06, all themed around fishing, with varying levels of realism and competition.
  • Steamy Sakura Special: The Sakura franchise includes a lot of adult visual novels, 19 of which worth about €177.88 can be found in the bundle.
  • Love is in the air: This bundle is aimed at fans of dating sims with its variety of story and character focused games. It contains a total of 8 games worth around €105.41.
  • Black History Month: In this bundle you will find a total of 8 games worth around €126.12 that revolve around black characters. There are classics like Mafia III and Shadow Man Remastered.
You can find out how you can help the earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey directly from the German Red Cross. All information about this and donation options can be found here on the official site.

These plans still exist: Apart from that, Humble Bundle is currently working on a bigger bundle, all proceeds of which will go to the victims of the earthquake. The store works with several major developers and publishers to create the coolest possible collection of games.

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So keep your eyes open. In the past, such bundles contained a lot of top-notch games like Dead Space, The Witness or Bastion to attract as many gaming fans as possible to donate.

Since its inception in 2010, the Humble Bundle has consistently encouraged such fundraisers. Together with their community, they have already raised over $200,000,000 in donations to charities like Make A Wish and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

At another fundraiser for Syria and Turkey, however, there were attempts at sabotage:

Viewers try to sabotage a Twitch streamer’s fundraiser – “There are people under the rubble”