Battlefield 2042 moves fights to Africa: This is new in Season 4

Battlefield 2042: Roadmap update for 2023 - Season 5 and more

from Jonathan Harsh
A new season for Battlefield 2042 is coming later this month. Of course, there are also new maps, weapons and a specialist. In this article there is all the important information about Battlefield 2042 Season 4.

Season 4 for Battlefield 2042 starts on February 28th, which was already prepared with the extensive update 3.2.1 from DICE. We have compiled all important information, innovations and content and listed them in this article. There is also a trailer for the new season called “Eleventh Hour”, which is intended to prepare the community for the fighting in South Africa:

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This is the new content for Battlefield 2042 Season 4

New map: Dubbed Flashpoint, the map created for Season 4 is described by the developers as a “once thriving biodiversity hotspot, now an abandoned development complex doomed to failure.” The map, located in South Africa, is primarily intended to offer fights in a confined space, which can also be influenced by one or the other vehicle.

New Weapons: Of course, the fresh season also brings with it a range of weapons that open up new gameplay possibilities for players:

  • Super 500 Shotgun: Offers a high return at a high risk (due to the short range).
  • RM68 assault rifle: versatile thanks to the built-in silencer
  • AC9 SMG: A light submachine gun for quick firefights
  • RPT-31 LMG: Powerful projectiles with a low rate of fire
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In line with this topic:

New Specialist: Season 4 brings the final Specialist for Battlefield 2042

Source: EA