Blanc Review |

Blanc Review |


Fawn and wolf pup are natural enemies but pull together in Blanc. In addition to the touching story and the cute heroes, the graphic style is the salient feature of the cooperative puzzle game.

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Well, I claim that I’m not built particularly close to the water; sad topics don’t have an effect on me that quickly. However, when I saw the trailer Blanc saw it, I immediately had to blink a tear from the corner of my eye.

A fawn and a wolf pup are searching for their respective families in a snowy landscape. Abandoned and alone, all they know at first is that they can’t be friends. Against all odds, the two support each other in the search when it becomes clear that they are heading in the same direction. Blanc is designed as a co-op game, but you can also start the adventure alone.

style and chapter

On the journey of fawn and puppy through the drawn world, the camera moves dynamically and changes orientation and angle depending on the distance between the characters. This gives you the opportunity to look at the respective chapter from different perspectives.

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You don’t have much freedom to explore in the sections, but due to the abundance of details it’s not that noticeable. Rather the opposite is the case: while you search for clues for your further path, you tumble into the next chapter all by yourself. From time to time there is also a small cutscene.

In the detailed environment, two unlikely travel companions search for the right way to their families.

Game mechanics and controls

Controlling Blanc is simple. On the switch, you use the analog stick for movement and the two shoulder buttons for jumping and interacting. Fawn and puppy are each assigned to a Joy-Con. Single players face the challenge of coordinating two characters simultaneously, so after a while I just found a partner to play with.

Blanc is more fun with two, also because your characters help each other to overcome obstacles. It only becomes difficult if you want to go in different directions, because the camera then wants to follow both and moves far to the rear. This gives you a better overview of the map. Unfortunately, sometimes jumping from one object to another is tricky. While your character will show you where it’s going to jump when you press the shoulder button, it can sometimes take a while or multiple attempts to get it aligned correctly.

puzzles and challenges

In the individual chapters there are puzzles and challenges that build on the different abilities of the two characters. The wolf can bite ropes and pull small objects, and the deer can push objects or help the wolf up a hill.

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You can only move particularly heavy objects together. The correct path through a stage isn’t always immediately apparent and requires you to play around with your characters and actively seek a possible path. You will also encounter other animals: for example, a duck is trying to find a safe place to hide with its ducklings. The little waddle animals are always pushed back by the wind and are only safe in the slipstream of fawn and puppy. Two kids also need your help to escape.

Author: Ramona Kiuntke, Editor: Jörg Langer (GamersGlobal)

Blanc switches

Conclusion: Ramona Kiuntke

Blanc is a successful co-op game that doesn’t need complex mechanics to set tricky puzzles. Personally, I’m fascinated by how the adventure was implemented visually and which details the developers used to hide hints and solutions. The short playing time of a few hours doesn’t bother me with the title either, because the danger of an idle co-op round doesn’t even arise because you didn’t finish in one session. For that I give my “thumbs up”!