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from Raphael Voetter
The editors of PC Games Hardware comment on current events or developments in the world of PC hardware, the IT industry, games, technology or entertainment. Read the truly personal opinions of the PCGH editors, today on “ChatGPT…”

The “Internal editorial” format gives you an insight into the editorial team far away from a webcam, magazine column or videos. Each PCGH editor gives their personal commentary on a topical issue here. We not only cover the whole world of PC hardware, but also games including current console titles, films and technology in general – which influences our daily life in a variety of ways. Redaktion intern appears regularly at the weekend. The topic this time:

ChatGPT …

Background: ChatGPT

skynet comes! Perhaps. Sometime. Artificial intelligence was still something that was not very tangible 15 years ago, but in recent years machine learning has gone uphill so that even people without a great affinity for technology came into contact with it. The AI-driven program is currently dominating ChatGPT the headlines. Behind this is an “artificial intelligence” from the company OpenAI, which offers a free AI tool for generating texts and program code as ChatGPT. The company was taken over by Microsoft some time ago. ChatGPT uses millions of training data sets that are automatically created by everyone when an input is made. Each text entered is then evaluated quantitatively using AI pattern recognition technology, i.e. using statistical methods. Ultimately, texts are then generated for a few entered keywords. Marked advertisements on Microsoft’s search engine Bing are used for refinancing – there is currently no financial compensation for the website providers who serve as the source. So Publishers are already charging a license fee for chatbot use, as reported by the daily mirror. According to Microsoft, the generated traffic to the footnotes should suffice as payment. Read bluntly what the PCGH team thinks of ChatGPT, Skynet and related technologies in the image gallery. And what do you think about this, dear readers?

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