Cities: Skylines Remastered… starts off with a disappointment

For some, Tiktok is a time travel machine - mine is called Cities: Skylines!  (1)

who mean previous column about Cities: Skylines has read, has become smarter about two things. First: I’m playing the successful city building simulation again. This time on the console to see if the controls work well, which, by the way, they do. And I’ve wasted a few hours on it. For me, Cities: Skylines is the replacement for the Tiktok time-burning machine ^^

Second, you learned: On February 15, 2023, Cities: Skylines was released (buy now €23.99 ) Released remastered. This is the current-gen exclusive variant of the sim for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. This is only available for the current consoles, not for Playstation 4 or Xbox One. Or for the PC.

Cities Remastered offers slightly fancier graphics, and especially important for city map aficionados like me, 25 instead of the previous 9 buildable tiles. It sounds fragrant! But I’m probably not the only one who believed in the past few days after the release that the Remastered is a patch for the PS4 version. Because that’s not Remastered. While Cities: Skylines buyers get the Remastered version for free on last-gen consoles, Remastered is a separate game that’s a few GB larger. I’ll give you a service tip right away: If you ever received Cities via PS Plus, you didn’t get the game license with it. This means that you will see a purchase price of almost 40 euros for Remastered in the shop – so you have to buy the new version.

Look for the Remastered in the store first

So for me it was “off to the Playstation Store” to find the new version and add it to the downloads. At least it didn’t last very long. There were also times when the Playstation download servers were much slower… never mind. Then at the start of the game the next shock: PS4 version saves cannot be imported. Argh! Does that mean my anticipation of a prettier version of my cities was premature and has now fizzled out?

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Unfortunately yes. Like it in the Cities: Skylines Remastered FAQ means, which of course I have only just read now, it is written that no “old” cities can be imported due to the changed data architecture. “Cities: Skylines Remastered’s architecture differs from its predecessor to allow for higher graphics quality, more buildable tiles, and overall better performance. Due to the technical limitations of last-gen consoles, we weren’t able to apply the same changes to this version, which means there are two different code bases for the games – hence cross-saves are not possible.

Anyway: If I feel like tinkering with my last PS4 city, I can keep tinkering because I now have two versions of Cities: Skylines on my hard drive. But that also means that I can’t make a 1-to-1 comparison of my city. So how are the optics better now?

Visually pretty

With the restart I decided to buy the DLC Green Cities because I like building green cities anyway and the pollution from the waste incineration plants always annoyed me. So, after giving a district of my city organic food and green living regulations, I (my new crappy town of 2,000 people) got to watch the buildings being remodeled. And lo and behold: yes, the buildings look a lot crisper and sharper with Remastered than I was used to from the PS4 version.