Destiny 2 Brings Paid Shortcut to Lightfall for “Lazy” Guardians – Who Think “That’s a Great Idea”

Destiny 2 Level Boost

For Lightfall, Destiny 2 has announced that unlocking the new subclass, Strang, will be much easier. This will soon include an option with access to a paid character and campaign boost option, which players are currently divided on.

Which boost option is it? In the last This Week at Bungie Blog on February 16th Destiny 2 announced that Lightfall will also have an expanded “Character Boost” option.

With this paid offering, multi-character players can no longer just push their power level. You’ll soon be able to use it to skip the campaign and unlock the “Strong” subclass as well.

These boosts are generally nothing significantly new for Destiny players. What is new, on the other hand, is that you can now buy campaign and subclass activations with it and thus shorten them.

This is what the offer of a level boost in the “The Witch Queen” DLC looked like

Destiny 2 will offer these two character boosts in Lightfall:

  • Lightfall Character Boost:
    • Appears when players reach the soft cap with a character but have not yet completed the Lightfall campaign.,
    • This boost only gives the selected character a high power level gear set and does not skip the campaign.
  • Lightfall Character and Campaign Boost including string activation
    • Appears when player has completed the Lightfall campaign on one character. Anyone who buys it skips the Lightfall campaign for the selected character and thus also unlocks Strang for them.
    • It only includes a high power gear set if the player’s main character has reached the soft cap.

The boost does not unlock: It is important to know that the Lightfall Campaign Boost unlocks the strand, but does not contain the hefty rewards (items, upgrade materials, etc.) that you would normally earn by playing through the campaign.

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And those who skip the campaign will not have completed the Legendary Version or the post-campaign missions. Guardians who also want to achieve the associated triumphs must still play through the missions.

If you have several characters in Destiny 2, you usually have to play through the campaign more often.

Unlocking strand should be easier: For Lightfall, Bungie promised that unlocking Strang will be easier than unlocking Stasis. Eric Smith also said in an interview with MeinMMO at the time how that would happen.

Bungie explains how you will unlock strand in Destiny 2: Lightfall – Supposed to be easier than in Beyond Light

However, part of this new “smoother path” also appears to be allowing players to purchase the option to purchase the “Stroke” subclass on their second and third characters in exchange for money.

Here’s what the community is saying about Advanced Lightfall Boost

Is this good or bad? The Destiny 2 community is at a loss as to how to find this. On Bungie’s official forums, some players wanted to like Zoidberghear nothing about it.

Pay to win? You get gear for money? No no no no no. Stop it! […] If you’re charging for quality of life changes, you’re well on your way to charging for better RNG, loot boxes, subscriptions, and other predatory stuff. [Bungie] gave us gear to catch up on for free last season. They gave us a free campaign skip before. It’s bad to charge for things that aren’t cosmetic.

comments the keeper Zoidberg in the Bungie forum

everversum real money shop destiny
Destiny 2 is already generating additional real money revenue via Eververse

Many players, , like Natan Rios on Twitterwho want to play two or three characters to be flexible, but don’t want to play through the Lightfall campaign two or three times. They just don’t have time for full-time games like Destiny 2, so he thinks this supposedly “lazy” shortcut is spot on.

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Many also remember the miserably long and complex unlocking of “Stasis” for all three characters. Some Wardens were okay with that on the first character, but after that, many drastically lost interest in the repetitive grind for what was then the “Beyond Light” subclass, Stasis.

Because of this, there will probably be some players who will likely take advantage of this new boost offer for Destiny 2: Lightfall.

The Destiny Bulletin Twitter account, on the other hand, mainly criticizes Bungie for putting this “excellent feature” behind a paywall at all and asking the players for it.

The ability to skip the story campaign on alternate characters is an excellent feature. It’s not asking for money.

posted Destiny Bulletin via Twitter

Boosts have never been free in Destiny: Since Destiny 1, players have been able to push their keeper onto the soft cap for “small” money. And a character boost was also recently possible with “The Witch Queen” DLC. However, the boost has always been frowned upon and considered “the laziest way to play Destiny 2”.

What will the boost cost in Lightfall? Bungie has so far remained silent about the exact cost of the boost. In principle, however, it could be based on the costs from the “The Witch Queen” DLC.

  • In the DLC “The Witch Queen” the character boost cost 2,000 silver, which corresponded to about 20 euros. Players had to spend this prize on all Guardian characters they wanted to push to the soft cap.

What do you think of the announced campaign and character boost including subclass? Isn’t that a problem for you? Or are you saying Destiny 2 monetization is rampant? Please leave us a comment with your opinion on it.

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By the way, Destiny 2 is heading faster and faster towards the end of the light and darkness saga and our Destiny author is therefore no longer sure whether she really wants to experience this supposed end:

I wanted to know how the Destiny 2 story ends – but not now that the time has come