Destiny 2: Your guardian skills are partly nerfed in Lightfall

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As early as 2021, the makers of the MMO shooter Destiny 2 Adjustments to Guardian skill loading times done, such as dividing the Supers of each class and focus into tiers to balance the power of Supers through cooldowns. Now that all light focuses – solar, void and arc – have been revised in the course of The Witch Queen, the Lightfall released on February 28, 2023 further adjustments to grenade, melee, super and class ability load times.

The goal here is to take some of the player characters’ skill power out of the game, since Destiny, as a shooter, is still primarily about shooter gameplay. Some attributes are therefore buffed, others are nerfed, and the attribute mods or the attributes themselves are also affected. Let’s take a look at the details.

Adjustments to passive cooldown stats

The effectiveness of Discipline, Strength, and each class ability stat on grenade, melee, and class ability regeneration rates will be adjusted as follows in Lightfall:

  • Basically, the regeneration of a level 10 stat is now roughly the same as a level 8 in the previous system. Each stat level now provides a more consistent value of cooldown reduction, rather than increasing sharply at lower levels.

That sounds like a small nerf at first. At the same time, all ability energy generation mods will be concurrent and multi-use such as Bomber, Range, Ash to Attack, and more. Furthermore, the energy costs for armor mods are reduced, so that you can Destiny 2 build crafting (buy now €12.90 ) have more freedom for their combination.

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The base cooldown times of some grenades, melee and class abilities will also be adjusted with the release of Lightfall, but details will only be available in the patch notes. Only the base cooldowns of Sniper Dodge and Reckless Dodge are previewed:

  • Sniper Dodge base cooldown reduced from 34 seconds to 29 seconds.
  • Reckless Dodge base cooldown reduced from 46 seconds to 38 seconds.

As previously mentioned, Supers were tiered in December 2021 to balance their cooldowns to match their power and make them roughly equal. In general, sustained Supers have a higher cooldown than single-shot Supers (such as Nova Bomb). However, with the focus 3.0 revisions, the persistent supers have taken a back seat, especially in PvE. That’s what the folks at Bungie want to work on. As a first measure, sustained Supers will generate a maximum of 7 orbs of might from defeating targets instead of 5, while single-use Supers will generate a maximum of 5 orbs of might from defeating targets, instead of 7. However, the Orbs of Power generation in the Well of Radiance, Ward of Dawn, and the two Shadowshot variants remain unchanged.

The base cooldown of the three supers with the longest cooldown will be shifted by one tier, i.e. Hammer of Sol (Titan), Dawn (Warlock) and Spectral Blades (Hunter) will now have a base cooldown of 9:16 minutes instead of the previous 10:25 minutes.

In addition, there are the following adjustments

protection of the twilight

  • Max health reduced from 13,500 to 8,000 in Ward of Dawn
  • The damage PvE fighters deal to the guard has been reduced to compensate. In general, the effective health in Ward of Dawn shouldn’t change significantly in PvE.
  • The damage Kinetic and Energy weapons deal against the Ward itself has been standardized. Previously, energy weapons dealt 2.5x Dawn Ward damage and kinetic weapons 1x damage. All weapons now deal 1.5x damage to guard regardless of damage type.
  • Armor of the Light has been updated to reduce its performance in PvP:
  • Max health reduced from 425 to 300.
  • Now inherits Void Overshield’s 50% PvE damage resistance.
  • No longer negates precision damage.
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  • Maximum flight time reduced from 5s to 4.5s.
  • Reduced the size of the damage volume around players in flight by 20% and moved it further in front of the players to make fly-by demolitions more targeted.
  • Descent now begins earlier in flight.
  • Reduced the size of the landing explosion size against players by roughly 20%.
  • Behavior against PvE targets remains unchanged.

Chaos Fists

  • PvE damage increased by 20%.

spark of resistance

  • Increased the number of nearby enemies required to activate from 2 to 3.
  • Time to detonate after no longer being surrounded has been reduced from 4s to 2s.


  • Super Energy cost reduced from 10% to 6.5% per slash.
  • PvE damage increased by 25%.

Phoenix swoop

  • Reduced base cooldown from 82s to 55s.
  • Increased the recovery time of Phoenix Dive from 1s to 3s while Heatwave is active.
  • While Dawnbreak is active, Phoenix Dive’s cooldown is significantly reduced, allowing for a quick reactivation.
  • Phoenix Dive maximum detonation damage increased from 80 to 220 while Dawnbreak is active.

New fragments and adjustments


  • Spark of Instinct (New!): When critically wounded and taking damage from nearby enemies, you emit a burst of arc energy that startles targets.
  • Spark of Rush (new!): Resilience, recovery and mobility are significantly increased when sprinting.


  • Fire Sprite (new!): Fire Sprites are generated by a variety of new and existing Solar Fragments, and grant grenade energy on pickup.
  • Embers of Grace (new!): Resurrecting an ally grants you and nearby allies Restoration. Picking up fire sprites grants restoration.
  • Embers of Resolve (new!): Finishing blows from solar grenades heal you.
  • Embers of Tempering: Now generates a fire sprite on solar weapon kills while active, in addition to its original effects.
  • Embers of Combustion: Now generates a fire sprite on Solar Super defeats in addition to its original effects.
  • Embers of Flames: Now creates a fire sprite on defeating Scorched targets in addition to its original effects.
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  • Void Breakthrough (New!): Void Breakthroughs are created by a variety of new and existing Void Fragments, granting class ability energy on pickup.
  • Echo of Stillness (new!): Finisher final blows create a volley of Void damage that unstables nearby enemies. Defeating unstable targets creates a void breach.
  • Echo of Vigilance (new!): If you defeat a target while your shields are depleted, you gain a temporary Void Overshield.
  • Echo of Mastery: Now creates a Void Breakthrough on defeating Oppressed targets in addition to its original effects.
  • Echo of the Harvest: Now creates a Void Breakthrough when defeating weakened targets with precision damage, in addition to its original effects.
  • Echo of Exhaustion: Now generates Devour on canceling a Void Breach in addition to its original effects.