Electronic Arts Unveils Battlefield 2042 Season 4 “Eleventh Hour” Trailer

Electronic Arts Unveils Battlefield 2042 Season 4 “Eleventh Hour” Trailer

Electronic Arts and the Battlefield™ team have revealed today Battlefield 2042 Season 4: Eleventh Hour. Available starting February 28, this season brings a host of new content to the game, including a new map, specialist, weapons, vehicles, and more, plus 100 new Battle Pass tiers.

These core content will be available to all players as part of the Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass free tier*; additional cosmetic items can be obtained through the Premium version of the Battle Pass**.

In Season Four, Battlefield moves to South Africa, where players will go head-to-head on the new Flashpoint map. The region’s rocky landscapes allow vehicles to roam to safety outside, while the expansive interior spaces, including an underground tunnel, will see players engage in melee, foot, and vehicle combat.

Battlefield 2042’s new specialist is ambush expert Camila “Blasco”, who can use her recon training and custom tactical gear to move across the landscape without alerting any movement-based technology. Her X6 infiltration device prevents the connection of hostile devices, interferes with active detection technology, and creates dead zones, locating and revealing enemy technology within range of her until destroyed or disabled.

The Season 4 roster will also include an arsenal of new weapons, a new vehicle, and a new gadget. The new Super 500 Sidearm Rapid Action Shotgun is compact and designed for gap-busting, but can also be adapted for close combat. The RM68 is an adaptable assault rifle with a built-in silencer, offering counterbalancing to improve stability and recoil control. The lightweight AC9 SMG has special receiver ergonomics to maximize control in quick exchanges of fire from the hip. The new RPT-31 LMG has a low rate of fire, hard-hitting rounds, a very fast bullet velocity, and a unique “flip-scope” attachment. In addition to these weapons, the SPH Bomb Launcher Gadget’s sticky explosives can be attached to players, objects and vehicles, making it the perfect tool of destruction and anti-infantry combat weapon.

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Players will soon be able to traverse tight spaces and protect soldiers in the new vehicle, the CAV-Brawler. It functions as a spawn point for the team, allowing allies to spawn alongside it, even when it is full. This IFV-type maneuverable vehicle is complete with active threat detection and a proximity defense system that launches grenades in all directions, combating short-range infantry attacks.

Fans can continue to define their role in Battlefield in Season 4 with the latest update to the Class System, assigning Specialists one of four classic and familiar classes: Assault, Engineering, Recon, and Support. The class system also redefines the equipment specialists will have access to, creating a more structured and understandable role for players. Additionally, you can expect to see a revamped version of the Debris map later this season, with improved sightlines and visibility, variety of cover to improve infantry combat, better control points, brand new areas on the map, and much more. We will soon give more details about the new version in the next update from the development team.