Erza Miller with no future as The Flash? Talking about another leading actor – rumour

Erza Miller with no future as The Flash?  Talking about another leading actor - rumour

DC has been a major focus in reporting about the film industry for several months. No wonder finally have James Gunn and Peter Saffron as the new dual leadership has already brought about numerous changes. In addition to canceled projects or plans for video game adoption, the casting decisions in particular are causing discussions. Finally, a kind Marvel Cinematic Universe be established for the DC brand. In that regard, no previous line-up seems certain. This could, at least according to a current rumor, also for Erza Miller to apply.

Will Miller be kicked out of The Flash?

In the past we already have numerous scandals reported around Miller. For example, allegations of harassment, theft and physical harm are remembered. Nonetheless, Miller had returned to the set of the upcoming Flash film in October.

But the film could end with a different actor playing Barry Allen. At least that’s what YouTuber John Campa reports. He was informed that Gran Gustin to take on the role of superhero in the upcoming DCU. The possibility is explicitly thrown into the room that the actor will replace Miller at the end of the upcoming movie. However, Campa also states that he has answered the rumor about Gustin not believes. Instead, he assumes that Gunn and Safran will cast an entirely new Flash for the DCU.

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Gustin eventually stars in the Flash TV series as Barry Allen. Ultimately, this rumor should most likely be treated with great caution. It remains to be seen what will await us in the film about Miller. We have already reported on other changes to the film.