Firaxis announces new Civilization, XCOM director leaves company

Firaxis announces new Civilization, XCOM director leaves company

from Maximilian Hohm
Chairs are moved at Firaxis Games. With creative director Jake Solomon, the man behind the XCOM series is leaving the company. He will be replaced in the future by the games veteran Heather Hazen, who promises a new civilization in her first speech. Read more about this below.

Strategy games are still very popular on the PC and the X-COM series in particular, which has won numerous awards, holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers. In terms of content, the secret organization X-COM takes action against extraterrestrials who want to conquer the earth and kidnap people in order to carry out experiments on them. These games were developed by Firaxis, which had been founded by MicroProse employees Sid Meier and Jeff Briggs.

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Creative director Jake Solomon, who has worked on the XCOM series and most recently on Marvel’s Midnight Sun for 27 years, is now leaving the development studio. In response, publisher 2K Games, which operates Firaxis Games, announced the promotion of Heather Hazen to head of studio, tasked with continuing to “make the best strategy games in the world.” Hazen has been in the gaming and entertainment industry for 22 years and prior to her role as COO, she worked as an Executive Producer at Epic Games developing Fortnite and was involved with Plants vs. Zombies and Bejeweled at PopCap Games.

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In her inaugural speech, she spoke of continued support for Marvel’s Midnight Suns and Civilization, for which she has big plans. Unfortunately, there is no further information or hints of an XCOM title, which many fans have been waiting for. Especially now that Jake Solomon has left Firaxis Games, the future of the series is uncertain. However, Solomon has already announced that he wants to follow new games, so it’s exciting to see what one of the best strategy game designers will come up with next.

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