Hogwarts Legacy: According to the developers, there are currently no plans for DLCs

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Hogwarts Legacy is currently on everyone’s lips. Not only was the game from the “Harry Potter” universe the third-best launch of a single-player game on Steam, but a record number of simultaneous viewers watched the streamers play on Twitch. Even though the game was marked by a major controversy surrounding JK Rowling and her comments on trans people prior to release, that probably didn’t hurt sales. With such a great success, it would actually only be logical that the developers have long been thinking about possible extensions and DLCs for Hogwarts Legacy. But wrong thought! In a recent interview, one of the chief developers behind the game reveals that there are currently no plans for DLCs.

No DLC plans for Hogwarts Legacy at this time

In an interview with IGN, the developers at Avalanche Software revealed that there are currently no plans to expand Hogwarts Legacy at any point in the future (buy now €59.99 / €53.99 ) to publish. Game Director Alan Tew admits that his team has put all their time and focus into developing the main game for the past few weeks leading up to launch, and haven’t even gotten around to thinking about any DLCs yet.

“We put all our energy into bringing Hogwarts Legacy to life”explains Tew, “that’s why there are no plans for DLCs at the moment”. So, while some players had suspected that a Quidditch DLC might be announced soon to fill the empty arena, those ideas were dismissed for now.

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Nevertheless, the game is still being worked on

So even if the DLC plans are put on hold for the time being, that doesn’t mean that work on Hogwarts Legacy is over. A major patch was recently released that fixes some performance issues and includes other updates.

And the game also needs these updates, because especially on the PC, many players complain about fluctuating performance and recurring FPS drops. The developers of Avalance still have a lot to do, especially since the release of the last-gen and switch versions is also imminent.