In Diablo 4, all 5 classes have special mechanics – we’ll explain them to you

In Diablo 4, all 5 classes have special mechanics - we'll explain them to you

At the release of Diablo 4, you will be able to play as one of 5 classes, each with unique class mechanics. MeinMMO explains what these mechanics are and how they make the classes special.

What are these mechanics? Diablo 4 apparently wants to give the 5 classes more identity for the release. Instead of simply relying more heavily on ranged combat, melee combat or magic, each class can further refine itself with a mechanic.

Blizzard has already presented these mechanics in interviews. Broadly speaking, each class gets the opportunity to further personalize their own playstyle, so that even two sorceresses or necromancers play themselves differently.

Unlike spells or effects that reside on gear, their mechanics are exclusive to their class. In our guide, we explain each of the unique class mechanics and briefly outline what each class can do in general.

Note that Diablo 4 is still in development and some info is not yet confirmed. As soon as new information has been confirmed, we will keep you posted.

Diablo 4 wants to take the best features from its predecessors and expand them with new features such as class mechanics. In the video we explain details about the game:

Diablo 4 takes the best features from its predecessors – This is how it looks so far

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Barbarian class mechanics

What can barbarians do?

  • Rely on powerful attacks with different weapons
  • Use the power of the ancestors to become stronger
  • Can control opponents with jump attacks, earthquakes, and charge attacks
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The Barbarian’s special mechanic: Barbarians use an “arsenal” of weapons. Unlike any other class, barbarians can wield up to four weapons at once and require different weapon types to use certain skills. If an ability requires a certain weapon type, the barbarian automatically switches to the appropriate slot.

The druid class mechanics

What can druids do?

  • Use nature magic to control or kill enemies
  • Strengthen yourself and others with your magic
  • Transform into different animal forms for special attacks

The special mechanics of the druid: It has not yet been confirmed which class mechanics druids will have in Diablo 4. There are currently two plausible assumptions in the room:

  • Crushing Blows: Spells and attacks have a chance to drain enemies by a percentage of their health instead of dealing flat damage
  • Spirit Companions: Druids can pray to and pay tribute to spirit animals. These are special items that only they can find. Depending on how strong the spirit bond is, druids receive special passive bonuses.

Sorceress class mechanics

What can sorceresses do?

  • Use the elements to weave spells
  • Call down lightning, meteors, and ice storms to destroy hordes of enemies
  • Protect yourself with magic armor and effects

Sorceress’ special mechanics: Sorceresses can practically write their own spells. They have additional spell slots that they can use abilities in. These additional abilities then give passive effects to the equipped spells and can even change how they work.

Gameplay for barbarian, sorceress and druid can be seen here:

Diablo 4: Druid, Sorceress and Barbarian in the gameplay trailer

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The Huntress class mechanic

What can slayers do?

  • Use bows, daggers and traps
  • Focus on speed and agility
  • Fight from a distance or use shadow abilities to massacre enemies
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The special mechanic of the huntress: Hunters can specialize in one of three areas. For activation, a quest must first be completed:

  • Combo Points: Attacks now build up combo points, which are consumed by certain powerful abilities for additional effects.
  • Inner Sight: Attacks against marked enemies increase an Inner Sight gauge. If this is filled, you get unlimited energy for a short time.
  • Preparation: Effects unknown so far.

In previous iterations, the specs were Combo Points, Find Weakness, and Realm of Shadows with different effects. Mechanics may change again before release.

Here’s the trailer for the Huntress:

Diablo 4: The hunter class in the trailer

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Necromancer class mechanics

What can Necromancers do?

  • Summon the dead in the form of skeleton armies and flesh golems
  • Use corpses and bones as weapons or armor
  • Curse their enemies

Diablo 4 shows the 4 specializations for the Necromancer – Here’s how you can play him

The Necromancer’s special mechanic: Necromancers have access to the Book of the Dead. With this you can change how your spells work and how your undead minions behave. You decide whether you want to have melee fighters or magicians with you, single, powerful servants or entire armies of undead.

See the Necromancer in the trailer here:

Diablo 4 Reveals Final Release Class In Trailer – See The Necromancer Here

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With their mechanics, the classes of Diablo 4 are all given new tools that shape them more than in any Diablo so far. There are also ultimate abilities that should give you the absolute feeling of power while playing.

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Incidentally, you can change your talent points at any time, but at an increasing cost of gold, so at a certain point it is better to start a new character if you want to try a new build.

If you can’t decide which class to play first, our quiz will help you:

Diablo 4: Which class is right for me? 10 questions to help you decide