LoL is finally revising the costs of the champions – you have to reckon with these prices in the future

LoL is finally revising the costs of the champions - you have to reckon with these prices in the future

The developers at Riot Games have decided to overhaul the League of Legends in-game store. After a number of champion revisions in recent years, the prices are no longer up to date, especially for new players. But what exactly are the developers adapting?

How are the new prices structured? New prizes will be awarded for the more than 160 champions currently playable in League of Legends. The Blue Essence (BE) prize tier remains the same, but many champions have been moved around:

  • 450 BE / 260 RP – This is where champions are placed that Riot believes would provide a good introduction to the game. These include, for example, Miss Fortune, Yuumi and Malphite.
  • 1350 BE / 585 RP – Champions that are a little more complex but still exciting and interesting for new players will be placed here. A little skill is needed for them. Yasuo, Lucian, and Sett are examples of the beast.
  • 3150 BE / 790 RP – This includes champions with a steeper learning curve, where success with the champion will only become apparent after some practice. These are, for example, Le Blanc, Shaco and Yorick.
  • 4444 BE / 880 RP – “Only perfection and beauty” is planned for this animal. It has not been officially announced which champion is behind it.
  • 4800 BE / 880 RP – In this price category, most champions should be parked. However, for some specific champions, the price of Riot Points (RP) remains the same. These include, for example, Kayle, Ryze, Twisted Fate and Singed, each with 260 RP.
  • 6300 BE / 975 RP – Here are the champions released in the last two seasons. After the seasons are over, the characters will be placed in a different price category at the next season start.
  • 7800 BE / 975 RP – Champions only land in this tier for a week after coming out fresh.
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If you are interested in the characters from Arcane, we have summarized them for you here:

LoL: We introduce you to the champions from Arcane in gameplay

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What other adjustments are there? In addition to the price adjustments, new champion packages are to be created. The developers want to be guided by the champion tier as well as the game mechanics and roles.

This enables new players in particular to quickly build up their collection. All in all, without discounts, the champions cost 140,606 Blue Essence or 14,905 Riot Points. Here we show you how to get the blue essences.

If you want to get the champions even cheaper than in the in-game shop, you can use the level-up reward system.

The changes are scheduled for patch 13.5. come. A well-intentioned tip is to acquire the currently cheap champions before they slip into a more expensive tier and you have to pay more blue essences. Also, you can wait a bit before buying expensive champions because characters like Yasuo and Yuumi will then cost significantly less in the future.

How does the community feel about this? The changes are mainly aimed at players who are fairly new to the game. This causes a bit of frustration for longtime players who already own all the champions and have quite a few blue essences in abundance. Long-time players also wish Yuumi to become untouchable and unplayable by raising the price to 800,000 BE:

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However, for players who are fairly new to the game and not quite sure which champion to buy next, the change will accommodate them. So you can orientate yourself to the new price categories.

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What do you plan to spend your Blue Essences on going forward, and which champion have you had your eye on for weeks, if not months? Tell us in the comments.

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