Pokémon Crimson now gives you powerful Champion Pokémon with a new code

A new Crimson and Crimson Mystery Gift code is available.

Pokémon Crimson and Crimson gives away a Pokémon.

Want to enrich your team in Pokémon Crimson and Crimson? Then listen up: Via the secret gift option you can now secure a monster with which a trainer (Jiseok Lee) recently even won a competitive tournament in San Diego aka the San Diego Regional Championships.

You will now receive this Pokémon as a gift:

You have to redeem this code via the secret gift function:

You have until February 21, 2023 at 12:59 am Time to redeem the code.

That’s behind Saltigant

Saltigant made from Pokémon Crimson and Crimson

Saltigant made from Pokémon Crimson and Crimson

Saltigant is a Rock-type Pokémon introduced in Crimson and Crimson. It is the final stage of development of Geosali and Sedisal.

It can be obtained at level 50 during the Mystery Gift event. It has the Purifying Salts ability, which makes it immune to status changes and reduces the damage dealt by Ghost attacks by half.

It also knows the moves Salt, Mending, Wrap Around, and Shield, and carries the Leftovers item, which heals it a little every turn in battle. Also, it comes with the Tera type “Poison”.

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Pokémon Crimson/Crimson Secret Gifts: All current codes at a glance

This is how you redeem codes via secret gift

You have to do the following in crimson and purple:

  1. Menu (X Button)
  2. PokePortal
  3. secret gift
  4. Receive gift (depends on the way of receiving)
    • Check secret gift
    • Received via the Internet
    • Received by serial code
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Do I need Switch Online for this? No. You do not need the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service for the secret gifts. But an internet connection must be available, otherwise you cannot receive the respective gift.

New update coming: Pokémon Crimson and Crimson has been struggling with performance issues and bugs since its release in November 2022. With version 1.2, a new patch is to be released soon, which at least tries to curb the latter ailments.

Do you get Saltigant via code?