Season 2: Heavy Metal of Call of Duty: Mobile starts from February 22

Season 2: Heavy Metal of Call of Duty: Mobile starts from February 22

Full throttle and no brakes on Call of Duty: Mobile – Season 2: heavy metal. Starting February 22 at 16:00 PT, only the greatest road warriors will be able to tame this post-apocalyptic desert hell that includes a new multiplayer map: Diesel, two new multiplayer modes: Goliath Clash! and Chaos Control, a new Unit Support perk and much more.

Call of Duty: Mobile – Season 2: Heavy Metal offers players the chance to earn 50 new tiers of Battle Pass rewards with a new supply of free and premium content, including Operators like Domino – Intimidation Tactics and the never-before-seen Deadman, as well as the Maddox weapon, Unit Support perk, weapon blueprints, calling cards, charms, Call of Duty® Points (PC), and much more to be released throughout the season!

Get ready to beat the heat and read all the details of Call of Duty: Mobile – Season 2: Heavy Metal, coming to Android and iOS:

  • New Multiplayer Map – Diesel: First introduced in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War, Diesel places players at a picturesque roadside stop in the middle of the desolate wastelands.
  • Two new multiplayer modes: Test your luck in Chaos Control, a new Control variant, or make your fighting dreams come true in Goliath Clash!, where players will spawn as Goliath and try to reach a capture point where they will be rewarded with batteries that they can collect for get a lot of upgrades.
  • New BR class – Ravager Launcher: Place a sentry turret that will auto-attack enemies within range, or upgrade to the High DMG Missile to target, track, and destroy vehicles.
  • New Weapon, Attachment, and Perk: Get the new weapon Maddox, a very balanced AR; upgrade it with the M4 – Underbarrel Launcher accessory; or level up with the new Unit Support perk.
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Players can also look forward to a wide variety of updates and improvements to Call of Duty: Mobile – Season 2: Heavy Metal, plus new Seasonal Challenges, Giveaways and more, coming to the store at launch and throughout the season.