Steam Mystery Festival: New sale focuses on horror and detective games

Steam Mystery Festival: New sale focuses on horror and detective games

from Sarah Petzold
Valve is hosting another mini-sale on Steam in February 2023: The Steam Mystery Festival is all about horror and mystery. We summarize what fans can expect from this discount campaign.

After Valve decided to only host one big Steam sale per season and only plan smaller themed events in between, one mini-sale follows the next. It all started with the Chinese New Year sale, followed by the Builders Fest and in a few days it will be that time again: it will start on February 20, 2023 the Steam Mystery Festivala promotion that – as the name suggests – focuses on mystery and horror games and where fans of the corresponding genres can save a lot.

Steam Mystery Fest lures with big discounts on Among Us, Heavy Rain and Co.

The Steam Mystery Festival lasts from February 20, 7 p.m. German time to February 27, 2023, also at 7 p.m. German time. Valve is promoting the event as “a week of discounts on everything from the slightly suspicious to the downright spooky.” Fans can enjoy discounts on a variety of mystery puzzle titles, horror and mystery themed party games, murder mysteries, psychological horror titles and more in this mini-sale.

An official trailer already shows some game titles that will be available cheaper than usual as part of the Steam Mystery Festival:

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The games form a colorful potpourri of different genres, including classics such as Heavy Rain, Among Us and Return of the Obra Dinn, as well as insider tips such as Gamedec and Later Alligator. We don’t know what the discounts will be like at this point in time, but we’ll update you on the best deals and offers as soon as the Steam Mystery Festival starts.

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