Tetris as a film: the first trailer makes you want to go wild

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from Matthias Brueckle
When the first reports about a film about Tetris made the rounds a few years ago, there was great ridicule. Because a lot of people thought it was going to be a literal film adaptation of the game – à la Battleship! But instead, an exciting, autobiographical story in the Cold War awaits us. See for yourself in the first trailer!

Video game adaptations are currently the hot thing – after all, Sonic, Detective Pikachu and Rampage have cleared the big screen, while series (Castlevania, Arcane, Cyberpunk Edgerunners) are also exciting. Nevertheless, the film adaptation of video games still has a stale aftertaste – after all, there are also many bad film adaptations. Accordingly, the announcement of “Tetris – The Movie” rang the alarm bells for many people. But the trailer allays those fears. The film itself can be seen from March 31, 2023 via the Apple+ streaming service.