The settlers new alliances: Launch in camera?

The settlers shortly before release: developers publish details about the research tree

from Maximilian Hohm
The launch of the new settler offshoot went suboptimal. Delayed access prevented the press from releasing reviews, and reviews of the game are not yet available on the Epic Games Store or Metacritic. This raises the question of whether the release was intentional behind closed doors and whether there are serious problems with the game. Read more about this below.

The strategy game “The Settlers – New Alliances” from Ubisoft can be played since yesterday. The title was already somewhat controversial before its release because it was possible to run tests. The trade press was given access to the title at the same time as it was published, so that not a single test could be published when it was released. But that doesn’t seem to be all that has happened in relation to the new construction game. Epic Games and Ubisoft do not offer any ratings for the game.

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This is very unusual, because if you look at the Returnal that appeared two days earlier on the Epic Games Store, you will notice the ratings, which are divided into recommendations, an average of the top reviewers and the OpenCritic rating. For “The Settlers – New Alliances” this function seems to be completely disabled and not a single review is available in the Epic Games Store. But the Epic Games Store isn’t the only hub where ratings can normally be viewed, but this time it’s not.

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Even at Metacritic there is a gaping emptiness in this regard even the day after the release. While this is understandable for extensive press tests, which take some time and also have to be supported by benchmarks, all user ratings are missing there. These do not require a long playing time and no special methodology, but should actually appear a few hours after release. The question therefore arises as to whether this was a willful move on the part of Ubisoft, and Metacritic also has to put up with criticism.

Players will not be able to publish their ratings there until tonight at 9:00 p.m. While this is understandable and intended to give players time to get to know the game better, it also prevents players from mocking major bugs and issues right after release and warning other players about a title. However, official tests and feedback from the community should be expected in the near future, so that those who are undecided will not have to wait long to find out whether the new settler part is worth a closer look.

Source: Epic Games Store, Metacritic