Twitch: One of the biggest streamers in Germany explains why she prefers to live abroad

Twitch: One of the biggest streamers in Germany explains why she prefers to live abroad

As AnniTheDuck, 25-year-old Anissa Baddour is one of the biggest streamers on German-speaking Twitch. After commuting between her apartment in Berlin and the Portuguese island of Madeira for a while, she doesn’t seem to want to live in Germany anymore.

What is the place of residence? AnniTheDuck and the streamer Antonia “Reved” Staab were considered the dream couple of the German-speaking Twitch. Reved has been living on the Portuguese island of Madeira since 2019, which has become something of a streamer’s paradise.

The two streamers had a house together in Madeira, but they regularly switched between the island and Berlin, where Anni has an apartment. In December 2022, the couple surprisingly announced their separation.

For many fans, the first question might have been whether the 25-year-old would then live permanently in Germany again. In their statement, however, the streamers said that Anni would also stay in Madeira, but nobody knew what the rest would look like.

In a December stream, AnniTheDuck explained why she chose Madeira. The Clip has now been made available on her YouTube channel divided.

The emigration wave of German streamers probably started with Simon “Unge” Wiefels, who has been living in Madeira since 2018.

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Streamerin always felt watched

Why is AnniTheDuck staying in Madeira? The streamer gives two reasons for this. On the one hand, she just thinks it’s nice – the weather is great, it’s pleasantly warm all year round. The former big city resident also likes the more rural life, everything is a bit slower.

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But then the 25-year-old gets a little more serious: In Madeira, you are not recognized on the street. That has recently become quite exhausting in Germany. No matter where she went, there was someone who recognized her, according to the streamer.

Then I always had the feeling … I felt so blatantly observed. I don’t know if you can understand that, but I just always felt like I was being watched.

Especially in the case of actually harmless actions, in which one does not necessarily want to be seen, she always wondered if there was someone who might recognize her. That caused her a lot of stress.

AnniTheDuck is currently taking a break from Twitch and social media in general after receiving difficult news from her personal environment.

So she only streams rarely and irregularly. However, when she’s on the air, she usually brings tons of creativity and positive energy, whether it’s on Dungeons & Dragons or her cooking streams.

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