Ubisoft has big plans for this year’s E3

E3 2023 will be really lame: Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft not there

The future of events like E3 or Gamescom has been in the balance for a few years. Large developers and publishers such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo sometimes no longer appear at such events and prefer to focus on their own showcases. At least it has now Ubisoft confirmed that they will be part of the next E3 in June. Nevertheless, there is confusion about the statement by the Ubisoft board of directors at E3, because Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot testified to the quarterly earnings call, “If E3 happens, we’ll be there and we’ll have a lot to show.” However, many people were confused by Guollemot’s word well, as he used the word “if”, because E3 will definitely take place again in June.

Perhaps Guillemot assumed that, like in 2022, the event could be canceled again due to various events. Even if this time some big names in the gaming industry will probably be missing again, there are according to the organizers, there is nevertheless great interest on the part of many developers and publishers to take part in this year’s E3. Without the big players like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, the event this year will still be relatively empty.

What will Ubisoft show?

Except for Yves Guillemot’s cryptic statement, there are no more specific details about Ubisoft’s E3 plans. By June at the latest we will find out what surprises the developer and publisher have in store for us – or not. However, one thing is certain: Ubisoft has a lot of big titles in development right now and will probably want to show them in detail during E3.

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