Watch anime classics like Inuyasha, Sailor Moon and Co. for free on YouTube – this is how it works with a VPN

Sailor Moon, Inuyasha and four other anime series are now available on YouTube.

Sailor Moon, Inuyasha and four other anime series are now available on YouTube.

Would you like a proper nostalgia flash? Viz Media has announced that it will be available immediately six anime classics uploads to his YouTube channel. Among them are well-known animes that have already been shown in the German anime program. We’ll tell you which animes there are to watch and how you can watch them.

These anime are in

Thanks to Viz Media it will be possible to watch anime like Naruto or Sailor Moon. But there is also the anime Mr. Osomatsu, which has not yet been shown on public television in Germany. The animes are offered with English subtitles and original Japanese dubbing.

For some of the animes, all seasons can even be viewed. The last season is only missing from Mr. Osomatsu and Naruto. Hunter x Hunter even lacks the last two seasons. But at least there is the possibility to watch the anime series for free.

Viz Media offers the following animes on its YouTube channel:

  • Death Note (all seasons)
  • Hunter x Hunter (Season 1-3)
  • Inuyasha (all seasons)
  • Mr. Osomatsu (Season 1-2)
  • Naruto (Season 1-8)
  • Sailor Moon (all seasons)

The highlights


One day, the student Kagome Higurashi is pulled into the well of the family shrine by a demon. Through a time portal, she travels back in time 500 years and meets the half-demon Inuyasha. Due to an accident, the jewel of the four souls shatters, which can increase the powers of demons immeasurably. Now it’s up to Kagome and Inuyasha to collect all the shards and put the jewel back together.

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Sailor Moon

One day, the protagonist Bunny Tsukino meets a talking cat named Luna. He tells her that she fights under the alias Sailor Moon as a warrior for love and justice. Throughout the series, Bunny receives support from the other Sailor Warriors and the mysterious Tuxedo Mask.

When will the animes be available? The anime can from now on be viewed on the Viz Media YouTube channel.

Viz Media isn’t the only one jumping on the nostalgia train. RTL 2 is also broadcasting three cult animes:

Dragon Ball and Co. - RTL 2 brings back three cult anime from your childhood


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Dragon Ball and Co. – RTL 2 brings back three cult anime from your childhood

Attention: You need VPN

Can’t see the anime playlists? This is probably because the playlists are blocked for Germany. So you have to use a program that creates a secure online connection by encrypting certain user data.

As a result, your location will not be visible and you will bypass the geo-related blockade that the anime playlists are not displayed in Germany. The Virtual Private Network service, or VPN for short, offers such a possibility.

With the service, the entire data exchange is encrypted and cannot be viewed by third parties. This not only has the advantage that geographical blockades are bypassed, but also that surfing the Internet becomes more secure.

Which anime would you most like to watch?