WoW: After yellow, red and orange – Patch 10.0.7 brings the blue mount snail

The new opera gloves for the trading post in WoW.   (13)

from Philip Sattler
The rideable snails seem to be extremely popular with WoW: Dragonflight developers. After they already brought the red, orange and yellow lava snail into play, patch 10.0.7 is followed by the blue one.

After we were allowed to ride a snail for the first time in Shadowlands, the lava snails followed as special mounts with WoW: Dragonflight. These are very popular among players. And that’s despite the fact that we hardly ever use them at the moment. As is well known, we almost exclusively use our four new dragons on the Dragon Islands, since these are unlocked for dragon riding.

However, the upcoming patch 10.0.7 will further increase the collection of lava snails. After the red (tank bludger), the orange (magma cottage) and the yellow (Aggressive world snail) we welcome the blue lava snail in the upcoming update: PH Lava Snail Blue.