WoW: Buff for old trinkets and less waiting time – Hotfixes from February 18th

WoW: Arena Skirmish Bonus Week

from Philip Sattler
Weekend or not – it’s not a new day without hotfixes in WoW. On Saturday, however, these will be a little less extensive than usual. In addition to death knights and shamans, all players who wear a piece of jewelry from the four “old” Mythic Plus dungeons can look forward to it.

When the developers decided to include four old dungeons in the first Mythic Plus season of WoW: Dragonflight, it was clear that this would mean a lot of work. Not only did an incredible number of mechanics have to be adjusted and entire bosses rebuilt, the developers also had to lend a hand with the loot. The primary aim was to bring the old items up to a power level with the new ones.

All in all, it actually turned out quite well. There are a few items here and there from the old dungeons that are very strong or very weak, but that’s not too bad. However, the developers want to close the gap even further and are now adapting a whole range of old pieces of jewelry.