WoW Classic: Now What About Season of the Championship 2? What could come?

World of Warcraft: (1)

The Season of the Championship was hugely popular among WoW: Classic fans, but has been somewhat forgotten with the release of the final phase in July 2022. No wonder, after all, WoW WotLK Classic then lured the Classic fans to Northrend and at the end of the year the online role-playing game Dragonflight was released for the live servers. So there’s a lot to do in and of itself in the World of Warcraft. But with that End of Seasonal Servers for Season of the Championship, which access ended on February 14, 2023, Classic aficionados who’ve had a blast with the SdM adjustments are wondering what’s next… at best, a second season of the Championship. Or a season of whatever; a new classic mode would not necessarily have to be called “championship”.

WoW Classic player and Youtuber Solheim also asked the same question, hoping for a second season to start fairly soon. Looking for clues as to what to pack into a second Classic season, Solheim dug into some interviews with Blizzard’s Classic developers and offered some theories, which we cover below. Take a look at Solheim’s video.

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Season of hardcore

From an interview with Patrick Dawson, World of Warcraft Production Director (buy now ), Solheim pulls the information that the Classic devs are looking at what the Classic players are playing and liking to potentially apply to a season. And many players, according to Solheim, are particularly dedicated to the Classic version of the Ironman Challenge. This means that their hardcore characters have to do without the use of talent points, professions, potions and dungeon visits while also only wearing gray or white items on their pixel bodies. There are a wide variety of rule sets, the classic hardcore variant is the one in which your character only has one life. If he dies, the hardcore run is over for him.

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So how about a season aimed primarily at the hardcore fans on the Classic servers? An alternative would be to increase the season-of-championship effects even further, turning them to full stop to make dungeons and raids even more challenging – of course combined with the prospect of even better loot.